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Bottled Ship Builder

About This Club

The Bottled ShipWright is an open club to all who visit the Bottled Ship Builder Website. There will be 2 journals available to all who join annually. The first journal will come out this year in mid-December.
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  2. Here is the latest edition of the Bottled Shipwright! Enjoy and Happy New Year to All 😎 Your Editor The Bottled Shipwright fall winter 2019.pdf
  3. Interesting read! Thank you for putting the efforts in to bring this information together. Mick
  4. Hot off the press! Attached is the second edition for your reading pleasure. Your editor. The Bottled Shipwright.pdf
  5. Hey Jeff! You did really great job! I am looking forward the next magazine! Best Regards! Igor.
  6. Great job Jeff. I have really enjoyed reading this first edition of the Bottleshipwright newsletter. I am looking forward to the next one already. I am sure I speak on behalf of many members of this forum when I say....Thank you for your efforts and the time you have put into this. I am sure the following editions will be just as absorbing. Again many thanks. Bernard
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, attached is our first edition! Enjoy...Jeff The Bottled Shipwright.pdf
  8. Gents, Not only will Commander Donald Hubbard USN supply us with one amazing article about the inception of The Bottle Shipwright decades ago, he has also agreed to supply an article about the Japanese method of inserting a ship in a bottle. I am really excited about the aforementioned as there really isn't much out there on the Internet and anything about the method from Japan is written in Japanese. Don made a lot of connections in his career and you can bet your boots he will supply us a first rate article for our journal this December. Stay tuned ... yours truly... Chasseur Editor in Chief.

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