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  2. The experiments continued with finishing the colored planking on the second hull. The keel, stem and stern posts were added and covered with the copper colored card stock as well. The entire hull was then coated several times with thinned varnish. The following photos show the hull as it stands now. The majority of my time has been spent making the yards for the masts. It was found that laminating black construction paper worked out the best for their construction. Using liberal amounts of CA glue to laminate the paper, including soaking the outside of the layered
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  4. Finished deck items on the midship. Gangway completed moving forward to the Forecastle.
  5. .. I live in a 8m square box with a nice view. 😃
  6. Welcome Toejam. Sounds like you have an interesting lifestyle and yes, SIB's would be a great storage saver on a yacht.
  7. Gday everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am about to delve into the SIB hobby. I have built RC model boats in the past mostly scale WW2 Navy ships like PTs as well as sailing boats mostly from scratch. I live on a 37 ft yacht currently in Queensland Australia. I love building boats but as my space is limited on board I thought that SIB would be a more suitable hobby as far as building and storage space.
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  9. That's tricky. If the ring fits through the bottle neck you'd have to make some long tools and use them to move the ring into place.
  10. You cant see them in pic but there is two clear silicone wrings used as seals.
  11. Trying to use a standard water cooler plastic bottle. I'm using valves what I don't know how to get the inner silicone seal ring on the inside I use silicone for these prototypes unfortunately after Double ceiling some of them still leak. I use these water bottles to make wine.
  12. Here is a different ship that is on my work bench at the moment. Actually it has been there quite a while. With this one, I hope to replicate a plank on bulkhead model. We will see how it turns in to marine equipment wholesaler UAE.
  13. The ocean fog clears and the beautiful Princess appears! She is a real beauty. Congratulations...Moab
  14. Glues, paints and puttys are finally drying up and a much clearer view is now possible. It’s now time to contemplate the work sipping some coffee. Thank you all who followed the build, now all that is needed is letting it dry a bot more just to guarantee now condensation and close the cap.
  15. Marcos; I'm sure you are really proud of this beauty. Congratulations...Moab
  16. All went well on the trip through the bottleneck. After about 30 years, she is finally resting inside the bottle with her sails open! Would like to hear some tips on how to remove some folds on some sails. Photos are a bit misty due to moisure from white flue pond drying inside the bottle. I need some nice sunny days befor closing up.
  17. Working on the deck and fitting her out. If you look closely at the shack at the stern you can see I just glued it. I have some more handrailing and another ladder to install on the aft, another funnel as well. Then I'll move to mid-ship to install some handrailing and two funnels on to and 2 below. Then I'll move forward to install the walkway from mid-ship to the bow area. Slow but sure, the CV variants have kept me extremely busy at work trying to navigate work flow and staff issues.
  18. Below are photos of a quick build of the Lady Isabel. I first saw this boat in a 2018 issue of the National Research Guild Journal and loved it's odd lines. The model in the journal was built by the late Steve Wheeler and is a beauty. One description calls it a canoe back. I wanted to model this for a bottle but do this test buils first. Now I'm not sure if I want to build it for a bottle or a larger (1:75) model....perhaps both...Moab
  19. "The Flower of Gloster " from the 1967 children's tv series of the same name (which I watched back then, which is showing my age!)
  20. https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/somerscales-off-valparaiso-n01773 The artwork on the manual is a copy of the painting referenced in the link above.
  21. Thanks Bernard,wondered if anybody had spotted the camels. I was planning to embellish them a bit but decided to leave them as they were,rough and simple. There is another camel inside the bottle near the gunboat but a bit difficult to make out in the photos.
  22. Very nice Onni I love the camel stand. Bernard
  23. A selection of ensigns: I went with the mid-size red ensign as should be used by merchant vessels.
  24. My father was an avid artist and wood carver but scrap dealer by trade. Around 1947 he built this ship which was used in a magazine advertisement. I was four at the time so I don't remember anything about the build but do remember we lived on the West side of Chicago in a small apartment. To my knowledge this is the only model ship he ever built...Moab
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