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  4. 3 Masts; Spanker, Jigger, and Mizzen completed to date. Also starting to work on all of the ratlines.
  5. The first "real" ship in a bottle that I built was the SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND. I got married on it in 2013. So it was a very personal event, which has revived the long-cherished desire. Everything is still a bit clunky and crooked, but made with muuuuch love. Including wedding couple on the back.😍
  6. Hanseat


    I had promised to present here some of my ships in bottles of the last years. But now I will show you my FIRST ship in a bottle, which I built at the age of ten. It is a plastic kit of the Clipper CUTTY SARK, which I got as a present at Christmas 1982 and "built" within three days. This is how it looked like... But nevertheless: Already at that time the desire should settle in me to build sometime a "correct" ship in a bottle, so completely without prefabricated parts. It should take over thirty years until it was finally so far... Best, Matthias
  7. Thank you DSiemens, I’ll take a look at Facebook too. I am happy to post outside the UK too, most important thing is getting it fixed! thanks, Ben
  8. We have a few members in the UK. I wonder if some one can help. If you don't see a reply here try the Ship in Bottle group on Facebook. They are pretty active.
  9. Das ist schön. Ich danke Ihnen fĂŒr das Teilen.
  10. Meinen ersten Beitrag (nach meiner Vorstellung) möchte ich mit einem meiner neueren Schiffe beginnen. Es handelt sich hierbei um das letzte von insgesamt vier von mir fertiggestellten, sogenannten 'Orlogschiffen'. Die Vorbilder hĂ€ngen in meiner Heimatstadt Bremen im Rathaus von 1404. Sie stammen aus den Jahren zwischen 1545 und 1779. Das 'Wapen van Bremen', wurde 1750 gebaut und stellt ein Linienschiff von 1689 dar. Ich habe mein Modell in einem 25-Liter-GĂ€rballon in Segmentbauweise eingebracht und dafĂŒr rund drei Monate gebraucht.
  11. Ja, ich liebe in der Tat besonders die fließenden, stromlinienförmigen Formen eines Schiffes. Selbst die, welche 'oben rum' rechtschaffen hĂ€sslich sind (wie die meisten modernen VerkehrsgĂŒterschiffe... ) verfĂŒgen darĂŒber im Unterwasserbereich.
  12. Hi there, can anyone help?I have a glass ship in a bottle that was originally my grandfathers and sat on the tele for many years when I was small. my young kids have taken a bit too much of an interest and unfortunately it’s broken. Please can you point me in the direction of someone that would be able to do a repair? I’m happy to post anywhere in the UK. Thanks, Ben
  13. Greetings Mathias, Welcome aboard! I too build my ships with no sea, or other distractions, for the same reasons that you do. It is often the entire hull shape that most defines a ship/boat. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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  15. Hello Matthias, welcome!
  16. Hello Everyone, I would like to intoduce myself with a few words. I was born in Bremen, Germany, the home of the worldwide known “Town musicians of Bremen“. It is located right next to Hamburg and after this the second biggest city in the north-western part of Germany. Bremen is located at the river Weser and also close to the North Sea. Besinde this, I grew up in the small village called Achim and as a child loved to paint old houses and castles, and of course tall ships. At the age of ten years I have received a gift of a model kit for a ship in a bottle, the CUTTY SARK. A
  17. It appears we've been getting a lot of spam lately. It's in some alphabet I don't understand but when translated they're selling something. We are pretty international so I am careful not to delete something even if it's in another language. Typically Google translate is helpful enough to give me an idea of what the poster is saying. I don't want to discourage any one from writing in they're native language. We benefit a lot from our members in a lot of different countries. How ever what ever this stuff that's been posting is it's not ship in bottle building and they typically pos
  18. Thanks again Moab.
  19. What a great model and build. Super photos...Moab
  20. Love this build and your creativity. Well done!
  21. Hello, I appreciated Dave Fellingham 's Dave Fellingham suggestion that I transcribe. It is plausible, because in the list of "captains" in the archives of Venice there is no Biondo, neither Giovani nor Francesco. "About the title of Captain associated with Giovanni Biondo, I'm reminded of the Royal Navy practice of giving the title of "Colonel of Marines" to Navy captains who had distinguished themselves in battle or through other outstanding service to the Crown as a sinecure (a paycheck with no responsibilities or duties attached). These Colonels of Marines were never listed on t
  22. I rounded up all of my parts I had made over 3 years ago for the masts et al. Today was a job planning session to get organized. Started on the Spanker! Thank goodness for Ashley Book of Knots, as I have to do a twist/knot when inserting the mast complete with the yards/spars in one go when it's time to insert everything into the bottle. This is where the work gets interesting*
  23. Finished the bowsprit, will start on all of the masts tomorrow.
  24. Welcome aboard Mate! Greetings from Canada.
  25. Forecastle area completed. Working on the Bowsprit etc.
  26. Greetings Bernard, Thanks! The yard bracket stuff was as close as I could make the parts to what was shown on the plans I have. The laminated black construction paper was quite brittle after using CA to glue the layers, which limited how small I could get some of the parts. As above, lots of work did not work out, so wasn't photographed. I am not entirely sure if either of the two hulls will be completely finished, and don't anticipate rigging or detailing the models at this time. It's all an experiment to learn what can be done with the materials, card stock and paper. I may finish the m
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