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  3. I think that’s the right decision. Best to take your time to fix it .
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  5. I was just peering at my 1st of 3 sets of masts and decided on second thought, that it will drive me mad if I don't fix it. It just won't get fixed today.
  6. I started rigging her a bit. Since I got a bit prematurely excited and added deck details too early, I've had to remove some in order to rig her. I must have been quite tired last night since, as I look at the masts, the foremast is placed "bass-ackwards". The yards are tied to the rear instead of the front. In this case I am going to allow myself to be human and make mistakes rather than undoing what exists and starting over. I highly doubt anyone besides you folks and myself will ever know. Very frustrating though.
  7. For those of you who recognize and/or celebrate Thanksgiving Day I wish you all a happy and blessed one! Jesse
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  9. This is the finished model,I am not happy with the bottle,and will not use a similar one.
  10. Guys; thank you sooooo much. This really helps...Moab
  11. This is the way I do it. To cross the yards, (attaching them to the mast) I use a loop of thread wrapped around the yard as shown below. Make sure it is long enough. The loose ends are fed through the loop, pulled tight and secured with a drop of glue. The loose ends are then is tied around the mast where required and secured by a drop of glue. This allows the yard to swivel when putting the ship in the bottle and when setting for the required wind direction. Alan
  12. I would recommend drilling a small hole through the yard and the mast with a pin vise or watchmakers drill and then thread the cotton through both and tie off with any knot. Just make sure that the yard can swivel so that’s it’s easy to insert through the bottle neck when the time comes. Perhaps these illustrations from ‘Sailing in glass’ by Joop van Schouten may help to visualise better.
  13. Would anyone have plans/drawings for a fairly easy Viking ship that they would be willing? I getting back in s-i-b after a long absence and need something to build. Thanks an Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  14. I'm back at it this time and "trying" to build my first clipper. The problem I'm having is tieing the spars to the mast. I'm using a cow hitch but it's really difficult with the small line. Any tips or hints or does it just take practice?...Moab
  15. She hit the bottle on the weekend! More fun to be had hooking everything up etc. What is the definition of insanity? Putting the Preussen into a wine bottle!
  16. My pin vise has actually been here for a bit, it's just about time to use it. I need to paint my chain black, then start on her masts and yards.
  17. Wow! You have quite the talent for miniature detail. This looks like a larger scale build.
  18. I believe I originally said I wouldn't try to overthink this one but the scale is such that it allows a lot more detail, and using tips from the Labastour's book it's fun.
  19. allan sib

    allan sib

    This is my HMS Ganges model launched into the bottle,awaiting the base glue to dry before erecting the masts.
  20. Returning to building ships in a bottle aft r r an absence. Looking forward to building again.
  21. Placed a fife rail, made some bollards, steps, navigation lights etc. I rubbed a bit of ash into my planking to try to accentuate the seams with a little success. Making it appear weathered allows me an excuse to be less than super clean here and there.
  22. Still waiting a pin vise, however in the meantime I fashioned a cabin with lifeboats fixed on top. The whole cabin is removable at the moment as a mast will be directly in front of it and may obstruct it's lowering. I put a bit-o-planking mid-ship and made a hatch. I'm going for a bit of a weathered look to her. I also ordered some photo etch anchors and the smallest "portholes" I could find, which have not yet arrived either. I know it's an "easy" way out but I was super disappointed in my attempts at those two.
  23. This is my model completed with anchors and her boats also all deck canons are in place
  24. this is the 3 ww2 armed trawlers in the bottle
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