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  2. Just finished the Spanker less the control lines that go to the Jigger Mast. I have to get the yards on the jigger first to determine length of control lines.
  3. My latest, and probably last, major build. 25 feet to 1 inch. Hull length about thirteen inches (330mm) - An enormous scale for me ----------------------------------------------------- British four-masted barque Olivebank. Work commenced 13th July, 2020 Model completed 4th July 2021 During that time, I only worked on it for 61 days. The display case took 10.7 hours to make The hull took 35.9 hours to build The rigging took 41.8 hours to complete. Total hours worked: 88.4. That was an average of 1.45 hours for every working day.
  4. Greetings Alan, It was indeed a learning experience, glad I did it. I guess you are correct, attempting to find ways to make paper do what I am used to wood doing, perhaps not the best approach. I've seen some amazing card stock ship models, must take a slightly different approach to achieve that level. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  5. Thanks for sharing John. A lot of work and a good learning experience. It seemed at times as if you were reconstituting wood using the saturated paper, but without its better qualities. Thanks again and stay safe. Alan
  6. Greetings Old Friend, I am glad you enjoyed the experience! <Grin> I am not sure about "patience", to me that is what is needed when doing something I don't like, modeling is a love so I really don't count hours at all. I am just pleased that others find my efforts interesting enough to follow, and perhaps find some things that might "work" for them, or inspire them to try different things. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  7. Greetings Omni, Thanks for the kind words! It was time consuming, mostly the time was spent experimenting with different methods and materials for each step. Once I figured out what worked best, that made things easier to repeat. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  8. Österstjernan. A locally constructed 'packet ship' working from Loviisa,South East Finland.
  9. Absolutely fascinating John. I have been totally engrossed in your project from the beginning. The time, thought, and effort you have put in is a tribute to your patience and skill. As Onni says ´amazing work´ Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. Bernard
  10. Amazing work John and I imagine very time consuming. Thanks for describing in detail your work on these card hulls.
  11. My work on experimenting with card/paper model ship building continued with finishing up the second hull, the one with colored card stock second planking. The hull was cut free from the building board by slicing through the bulkheads at the top of the bulwarks. A simpler stand for the hull was made from blue colored card stock. The following photos show the freed second hull in the stand. The photos above show that I also added card stock blocking at the extreme bow and locations for the 3 masts. The multiple longitudinal bulkheads definitely define th
  12. Started on the Spanker with yards etc. Lots of rat lines to build as well. The Uschi thread is awesome, it will stretch and allow me to fold the yards sideways, to get the mast into the bottle! 👨‍🍳 Steady as she goes!
  13. Nice work! Best wishes to you and the bride....
  14. Yes, I recognize this model...It's The Airfix kit I built last year! But I saved the bottle and put the ship in a case instead. I'm still working on the Lexington model I want to put in that bottle...
  15. Hi, not sure if anyone is still active on this forum but my boyfriend has a similar glass bottle that he recently broke and it was very sentimental to him. Would you know of anyone who would be able to fix it? It is in quite bad condition, I’m unable to attach an image however will be happy to email one if I get a response :)
  16. All the masts are done save ratlines and rigging. Yards are done up, painted & ready to go. Now comes the fun part all of the rigging etc. Steady as she goes!
  17. A few weeks ago I was able to find information on the Web (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Giovanni_Biondo_(Captain)) that there was even a Captain Giovanni Biondo and that everything suggests that he belonged to the merchant marine, due to allusions in the text of a historical source that refers "Mercancia" and "abastecimento" (it means "merchandise" and "goods supplies"). I had already checked the list of armada captains, published in "Vascelli e fregate della Serenissima : navi di linea della Marina venetiana 1652-1797" by Guido Ercole that the name Giovanni Biondo never comes up.
  18. Turbinia 1894. Fastest ship in the world at that time with a speed of 34,5 Knots!
  19. 3 Masts; Spanker, Jigger, and Mizzen completed to date. Also starting to work on all of the ratlines.
  20. The first "real" ship in a bottle that I built was the SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND. I got married on it in 2013. So it was a very personal event, which has revived the long-cherished desire. Everything is still a bit clunky and crooked, but made with muuuuch love. Including wedding couple on the back.😍
  21. Hanseat


    I had promised to present here some of my ships in bottles of the last years. But now I will show you my FIRST ship in a bottle, which I built at the age of ten. It is a plastic kit of the Clipper CUTTY SARK, which I got as a present at Christmas 1982 and "built" within three days. This is how it looked like... But nevertheless: Already at that time the desire should settle in me to build sometime a "correct" ship in a bottle, so completely without prefabricated parts. It should take over thirty years until it was finally so far... Best, Matthias
  22. Thank you DSiemens, I’ll take a look at Facebook too. I am happy to post outside the UK too, most important thing is getting it fixed! thanks, Ben
  23. We have a few members in the UK. I wonder if some one can help. If you don't see a reply here try the Ship in Bottle group on Facebook. They are pretty active.
  24. Das ist schön. Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen.
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