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  4. https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/somerscales-off-valparaiso-n01773 The artwork on the manual is a copy of the painting referenced in the link above.
  5. Thanks Bernard,wondered if anybody had spotted the camels. I was planning to embellish them a bit but decided to leave them as they were,rough and simple. There is another camel inside the bottle near the gunboat but a bit difficult to make out in the photos.
  6. Very nice Onni I love the camel stand. Bernard
  7. A selection of ensigns: I went with the mid-size red ensign as should be used by merchant vessels.
  8. My father was an avid artist and wood carver but scrap dealer by trade. Around 1947 he built this ship which was used in a magazine advertisement. I was four at the time so I don't remember anything about the build but do remember we lived on the West side of Chicago in a small apartment. To my knowledge this is the only model ship he ever built...Moab
  9. Wow! Sorry I missed the beginning. Beautiful model...Moab
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  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Royal_(East_Indiaman) According to Wikipedia this ship was not built 1841 as stated in the instructions, but more than 100 years earlier. There is one ship named princess royalss built in 1841 but it was a steamer.
  12. Looks great! I've never used these products. I'll have to give them a try...Moab
  13. Painting the sea. I used tamiya blue and violet acrylic paints, tamiya paint retarder and mig wet effects so far. Some cotton soaked in wet effects was added around the hull to simulate waves. Let’s see how it looks like when dry...
  14. Amazing work, as usual!
  15. Currently a mess. Just went through a typhoon...Moab
  16. Everytrhing looks great! This is always the tough part for me (and I guess most other folks). I just started using a few magnets to help with positioning and they work great. Standing by...Moab
  17. The moment of thruth is coming. I made some holes in the sea of putty to anchor a puddle of epoxy, Magnetic craddle was then laid on top of it. I created a rope guide using brass sheet to guide cables and orient them better towards the middle of the bow. I labeled all cables with tape tags and lowered the masts. Cables look no messy, but apparently all are on correct position! i also gave the last coat of gloss to the craddle. I find it looks very nice indeed.
  18. This is a neat looking ship. I've never done one similar. I think I need to plan for one...Moab
  19. Slow progress, haven't really done anything since november, kind of lost the will with current situation, but thought it was about time to knuckle down and crack on with it. probably not going to do much more to the hull apart from a few small deckdetails. Time to start the lateen rigged masts,the holes are drilled and lined up ready. 😁
  20. Sails are up! craddle received the first stain and varnish coat.
  21. Making all possible to achieve a square craddle in all three axis (well, at least while attaching the first two parts). Parts were glued with 5-minute epoxy after cleaning old varnish and sanding parts a bit better. Both shaped parts are pretty different from one another, but I don’t think it will spoil final stance and adds some handmade flavour to the whole. Thanks for the comments folks! Would love to see your work as well!
  22. Had a little time to fiddle with it yesterday; fixated the lines and trimmed them off with a pair of Potts scissors.
  23. Welcome aboard. This is a good place to learn...Moab
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