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  1. Robjames

    HMS FURY 1942

    I'd definitely do the same if it meant that my model was going to look as accurate as possible to the original! I'm a long way off making scale models of real ships but will definitely look into this when I come to it! Cheers onni, Rob
  2. Robjames

    HMS FURY 1942

    Another great read and ship, how do you get your hand railings that perfect, onni? Cheers Rob
  3. Absaloutley love the detail on this will be looking into this build log! Cheers Rob
  4. Robjames

    CSS Alabama

    This is a great read and Inspiring stuff! Cheers Rob
  5. Thanks Dsiemens! I was happy to see it had Sir Francis Drakes galleon ship, the Golden Hind in there amongst others! Im hoping to have ago at that one someday when I get more confident so that was a nice bonus! Cheers Rob
  6. That has amazing detail and love the whale! Rob
  7. Thankyou James! Haha bet your parents enjoy that! Mine would too but sadly for them I like gin! Next time I'm near or in sainsburys I will nip in! Cheers for the heads up! I ordered a few empty bottles from a malt whisky website and the clarity was loads better but sadly they was longer instead of wider if you know what I mean, will still make use of them though eventually. Cheers Rob
  8. Thanks mick! Yeah you're right it does have quite a thick base on it, I got it from the lidl supermarket. Its their brand called hortus gin (70cl). I'm looking into finding similar bottles as the first sib I did was done in the same style bottle aswell but it was a 20cl (port bottle I saved from Christmas). Cheers Rob
  9. Thanks onni! Agree with you, next one I will give it a go with more detail. I must've attempted to carve the Hull about 5 times before i got it right and I scrapped a set of masts on it aswell. The begginers model which is the same except one mast less was a bit of a disaster, hence didn't get bottled but I could practice putting inside bottles to get an idea. Rob
  10. I'm on with the next project and that is the 4 mast barque that is in the book. I've also purchased the story of sail book, which was recommended on this forum, its brilliant!
  11. It's definitely not the best most of you guys have seen or done! ha. But this is my third ship and second bottled. It was a massive learning curve!! The bottle was so tight to work with! But personally it looks better the tighter the squeeze! I made alot of mistakes and cursed quite abit too, obviously all part of learning!! It's all done by hand as the book suggests and as I would prefer. Here's the pics in order I hope...
  12. Just looked at it Alan, that was really helpful and definitely pushed me to make something along those lines if not that jig itself! Ive been trying to get mine as neat and straight as poss and most are acceptable but then there's always that one or two that tempt me to scrap and start again... All practice though! Cheers Alan!
  13. Hey Alan! I'm not too far from Robin hoods bay and its one of my favourite spots in the area! Saw in the book that it had ties to there, I'm assuming thats why my Grandad had it as it was bought fairly locally I imagine. I bought a few other books but they are very vague in comparison for a starter. Thankyou for the heads up about EASIB I will definitely be looking into joining up! Also, great idea from you for the jig to drill holes in the masts that Dsiemens kindly dug out and posted earlier for me! Cheers Rob
  14. Hey dsiemens! That's brilliant thankyou! will give that a read! Rob
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