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  1. Very impressive. Especially the rigging.
  2. We have a few members in the UK. I wonder if some one can help. If you don't see a reply here try the Ship in Bottle group on Facebook. They are pretty active.
  3. Das ist schön. Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen.
  4. It appears we've been getting a lot of spam lately. It's in some alphabet I don't understand but when translated they're selling something. We are pretty international so I am careful not to delete something even if it's in another language. Typically Google translate is helpful enough to give me an idea of what the poster is saying. I don't want to discourage any one from writing in they're native language. We benefit a lot from our members in a lot of different countries. How ever what ever this stuff that's been posting is it's not ship in bottle building and they typically post several times in minutes. Admins keep an eye out. Delete it and flag the poster as a spammer. Regular members just flag it and don't click on any links. Sorry I haven't been around as much as of late. CPA exams and work has been kicking my butt. I do have one passed so I'm on my way. Hopefully in the next year things will settle a bit. I appreciate all of you that keep this forum going. Keep up the posts and advice. You all are awesome. Daniel
  5. That's tricky. If the ring fits through the bottle neck you'd have to make some long tools and use them to move the ring into place.
  6. Its incredibly thrilling to see your creation impossibly set up in the bottle. Your gonna get hooked on the hobby now. Great job. Viking ships may be simple but they are incredibly fun and look so awesome. You picked a perfect ship to start out on. Good luck getting her set. I'm excited to see the result.
  7. Apparently theres a book out there too but I'm not sure how hard it is to get a hold of. Its a great project. I've thought of doing a screw steamer as well My family came to the US on one called the Teutonia. Thought it might be fun to have the ship in a bottle with a copy of the log book where their names are recorded on the stand or in the bottle neck. Its fun to add a little family history to ship in bottle building. I look forward to seeing yours come together.
  8. Great job. You've captured what makes catamaran races so exciting. Hulls up, sails full of wind and the sailors hanging off the edge. Its fun to see. Great work!
  9. Wow. That's beautiful. Great work.
  10. There's some plans out there this might help. https://wikidocumentaries-demo.wmflabs.org/Q7867029?language=en
  11. Thats pretty neat all the same. What a fun heirloom.
  12. Appears to be the signal flags for M and V. Could be a lot of things. Builders initials, place initials, something else. Does it ring a bell? Other than that the ship looks to be done by some one with experience in the craft and of sailing ships. The rigging appears accurate and the scale is pretty close. I can't tell what ship it was exactly there is a yacht Hussar IV that visited the Florida Keys in the 1920s that has the same sail pattern but the hull color wasn't white. Could have been another ship or a generic representation.
  13. I like to use a cow hitch on the hard arm and us the loose ends to tie it to the mast. I find drilling holes weakens the mast so I try to avoid drilling holes where I can.
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