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  1. What a great model and build. Super photos...Moab
  2. The ocean fog clears and the beautiful Princess appears! She is a real beauty. Congratulations...Moab
  3. Marcos; I'm sure you are really proud of this beauty. Congratulations...Moab
  4. Below are photos of a quick build of the Lady Isabel. I first saw this boat in a 2018 issue of the National Research Guild Journal and loved it's odd lines. The model in the journal was built by the late Steve Wheeler and is a beauty. One description calls it a canoe back. I wanted to model this for a bottle but do this test buils first. Now I'm not sure if I want to build it for a bottle or a larger (1:75) model....perhaps both...Moab
  5. My father was an avid artist and wood carver but scrap dealer by trade. Around 1947 he built this ship which was used in a magazine advertisement. I was four at the time so I don't remember anything about the build but do remember we lived on the West side of Chicago in a small apartment. To my knowledge this is the only model ship he ever built...Moab
  6. Wow! Sorry I missed the beginning. Beautiful model...Moab
  7. Looks great! I've never used these products. I'll have to give them a try...Moab
  8. Currently a mess. Just went through a typhoon...Moab
  9. Everytrhing looks great! This is always the tough part for me (and I guess most other folks). I just started using a few magnets to help with positioning and they work great. Standing by...Moab
  10. This is a neat looking ship. I've never done one similar. I think I need to plan for one...Moab
  11. Welcome aboard. This is a good place to learn...Moab
  12. Thanks form this build John. I keep learning...Moab
  13. My latest is a schooner but it's not very well built...Moab
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