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  1. Just messing around with a quick "Bluenose" to launch in a little pumpkinseed bottle.
  2. Donald


    Finished up the stand and cleaned most of the glue from inside the bottle. I guess she's pretty much finished. Now, ...what next?
  3. Donald


    To say this has been an exercise in patience, would be a gross understatement. I got 'er in the bottle without "major" disaster but there were quite a few things that went wrong. The post on the stern broke off(in the bottle), that was an absolute bear to try to glue back on for the rigging to loop on. My control lines all broke, ( foolishly used thread I had not tried before) I got glue in the peg holes, ...before the pegs got in there, I still have a bit of glue residue inside the bottle that I think I will be able to clean alright. My stern lantern wouldn't fit through the neck so I had to
  4. Another really great source here, still you tube, but search "suture tying or suture techniques". There are a lot of physicians that can do magic in terms of tying knots in small places. They have perfected techniques that may be quite useful.
  5. Donald


    Made and raised the Union flag and The English Cross of St. George. Trimmed the anchors a bit, pulled 'em up to the catheads and hooked up the "chains" from the hawse holes. Touched up the 2 cannons, made a new capstan. Planning on sprit sail, stern lantern and control lines to chain wales soon.
  6. Donald


    Trial and error with sails today. I first printed some with seams, telltales, reef lines etc., then sized it accordingly. Then I thought, well it's only printed on one side so I printed another set cut them out and glued together. The print lines were too dark for me, so I tried painting the sails white and weathered looking but in the end I thought it looked terrible so... I took them off and started over. I am happier with the refit. I still need to shave down the anchors a bit and clean up the hull, touch up some paint etc. but she's slowly getting there.
  7. Donald


    I am going to take some advice here and make a control line to pull the the chain-wales into position. Thank you gentlemen.
  8. Donald


    Working on the bow a bit, the sprit still needs gammoning.. The old bow was not planned out well where it slides apart at the hull split, so re-worked that. I spent way too much time making anchors and I believe they are still a bit too big for the scale. I am going to try and trim them down a little, but at the same time I don't want to lose my sanity so I may let them pass if they are close. I fine tuned my rigging a bit more. I'm still trying to think ahead and make things as easy as possible to rig up, once it's in the bottle. Sails are coming soon here. I made a test sail out of good
  9. Donald


    While I am not going to stress about being 100% accurate with the dimensions and rigging of the real ship, I would like there to be a reasonable likeness. Little things like painting the gun port lid, below the waterline white, and adding a British rudder pendant. When I think it looks pretty good and then I take a close up picture, it looks horrible with all her flaws highlighted. I suppose it's good that your eye doesn't pick up most of those flaws once in the bottle but I feel like my work is rather sloppy. Something to work on.
  10. Donald


    Worked the stern and rudder a bit more. Since the hull is split, and the deck is split I had to hide where they slide together, hopefully it looks convincing.
  11. Donald


    I am feeling pretty good about the odd rigging, still fine tuning that. I am beginning the stern and rudder today.
  12. Folks, After reading the 3 issues of The Bottled Shipwright I am in awe of the history, and experience enjoyed by this group. That being said, please forgive my newcomers excitement if things I post are already common knowledge. I came across this book , cheap, on ebay and wow do I really, really like it as a reference for historic ships of sail. It details, quite accurately I believe, all the specific areas of historic ship model building, and explains the difference in eras, of those specific areas. I'll throw up a couple of pictures for example but as a newbie, I will be referencing
  13. Very cool, I look forward to your progress on this. I was ironically just reading some of "The Bottled Shipwright " here on the site and was surprised to find a fair amount of construction here and there out of paper or cardboard. It seems like it would be so much easier to work than wood in certain circumstances. Looks great so far!
  14. Donald


    Making some progress. I have been agonizing over how to rig this, and I am going to try something a bit different for me. I have a SIB built by Jonny Reinhert and the way he rigged this ship is unique. It appears as though he made several "loops" (arrows point to them in pics) of thread rigging that, once in the bottle he would manipulate onto a post or mast end, instead of utilizing a lot of thread through the mouth of the bottle. The channels and blocks appear to be pinned to the side of the hull. I am shamelessly going to try and copy his method. I don't want to be too optimistic but I fee
  15. Donald


    Thank you for the info. on EASIB, I joined and love the publications etc. and facebook page. I question whether things will be back to normal this upcoming summer, but in any case I am going to hop the big pond and attend the next convention whenever that may be. Looking forward to meeting you folks as well. - Don
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