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  1. This is a lovely build. The "J" Class is a favorite of mine. I learned a lot from reading through this build.
  2. This is remarkable work ... the detail is wonderful!
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying just browsing some of the threads to see what has been done and what is being done. I am trying to decide what to do as far as a subject goes. My eyes are not what they were when I did my first SIB, so I won't be looking for a lot of detail. Thanks again. Cheers
  4. Hello and Thanks for the welcome. I have been modelling in one form or another most of my life. My last go at a ship in a bottle was 45 years ago. I have thought about it over the years, but it was displaced by many, many, other things. I am thinking of having another go and I am looking at something to build and something to put it in. Emptying a special purpose bottle won't be a problem!
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