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  1. tartane : The Book of Old Ships by Henry B. Culver pg 140
  2. Barrow-in-Furness for yourself or the boat owner
  3. Thanks Alan I will try that and see Thanks again ps. A tern is what we call a three masted schooner here in the Matitimes Many were built including HMCS Venture in the late 1930. At Meteghan. I think.
  4. Tried all suggestions : no go channels too wide how do I get the channels in and get them glued to hull with shrouds in the channels
  5. Thanks BK. Never thought of that with jelly . Can't sand though .
  6. The channels on my model are too wids to enter the bottle. I have thought of different ways to get the channels in. What is your recomendation?
  7. I noticed that there are tiny spots on the mast rigging at the channels. How are they made and why?
  8. Virginia Sloop. Anybody built one ? Nice work BTW Looking good so far
  9. Thanks I try that Seems less work that what is in the books. Reguards, rolllie
  10. The books I have say 6 hours to 24 to let them simmer in the solution. What do the people here do ? Paper is news print. big sheets used for wrapping.
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