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    Building scale model vehicles, Bass Fishing, Camping, and now building ships in a bottle.

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  1. I’m not starting out to good! I order the book in the first pic and received the book in the second pic. 😂
  2. Sorry took so long to answer you Charlie, I live in Teays Valley
  3. I’m new to building ships in a bottle, but that is beautiful job.
  4. DSiemens,I’ve already ordered the otherbooks. But for $3.99 I’ll get Don Hubbards book as well. also hope you find the the rigging primer thread. thanks
  5. I have relatives in Parkersburg, about an hour and half from me. I live in Teays Valley. I was near Bridgeport yesterday going up I-79, we went to WVU to visit with my daughter who goes to school there.
  6. Also I wanted to get your all’s input on a couple books coming my way. What do you all think?
  7. Sorry guys I just ran across a previous post of someone asking the same question. I will read that and go from there
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to know if there was a place on the forum that explained all the different terminology used in ship in a bottle building? I looked around and didn’t see any, maybe I missed it. If you don’t have log for it where could I go online to help straighten me out on all these new terms. Thanks in advance. Rick
  9. Thanks again for the welcome guys. I found the “how to build a Bermuda sloop for beginners” log by DSiemens. I’m reading thru it now, then I’m going to go back and try my hand at it. Thanks for the encouragement Bruce Foxworthy really appreciate it.
  10. Hi everyone, I’m new to building ships in a bottle. Hope to learn a lot on here, because as of right now I don’t know where to start. I do have woodworking experience though, I’ve been building scale model vehicles for years. But I’ve been wanting to Build a ship in a bottle for a while. I’ve gotten burned out on building scale vehicles, so I figured what better time to change things up and start building these for a change. i look forward to this new hobby and getting to know you all. Rick
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