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  1. This is the ship finished. I made some mistakes, such as not measuring the width from the bottle, so the mast was smaller that it should be, but i like the result. I hope you like it.
  2. The botlle was very long, so i decided to make a lighthouse
  3. I'm new in this hobbie, so i decided to build the Bermuda Sloop from the DSiemens tutorial, that helped me a lot to understand how to do a good ship in a bottle. I share my work (sorry if my english is bad, i dont speak it very well). I could't get flat sticks, so I made mine.
  4. Thank you! DSiemens, Onni, CharlieB
  5. Hello, my name is Hafid. I am new to this hobby. I do not know much about boats but I love the way they look on bottles, I think it's a very beautiful art. I have some projects stopped because I have several questions about its construction and assembly. Thank you for your support and I am willing to help. My first project "RMS Titanic"
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