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  1. Hi Bill: Your right the bottle was a decent size for a beginner but I think I underestimated the height of the sea, and I errored on the minimum, so a lesson learned I have my eye on a new bottle but will take some time to empty. yes you are correct there was two different hulls I was trying to us card stock for the bulwarks on the second one I had seen an article here in one of the forums and though I would try it, it worked great and with a little more practice I think I'll use it on a bottle
  2. Hi Jeff Sorry it took so long to reply, been busy with Doctors and life stuff. It's a gallon wine jug, I found out after it was done that it was way too big, it probably would have looked better with a half gallon growler type but then again I could have made the model bigger(glass half full half empty kind of thing). I have been scouting around for another bottle I just have to decide what I want to drink haha This was my first attempt so hopefully a lesson learned and i'll move on to something new
  3. Thanks Chief: I tried calligraphy a few years back and I have some pens lying around I also turn pens and wine bottle stoppers so I have pen blanks laying around they should be just about the right size for handles, and what's nice about them they come in dozens of different woods from exotic to all the hardwoods you can think of. That's a nice looking chisel, I'm trying to hone my building skills so I started a 1:75 scale Bluenose ii schooner I have the hull just about done and ready for the rigging , I realized my building skills have suffered over the last ten years and I thought that doing something a bit bigger would let me do that, but I also have a SIB project going also I have the bottle and an trying to figure what to put in it I think something square rigged because I've never done a square rigged ship before so the chisels are a project in between those two. How the hand eye coordination, arthritis in the hands, and eye sight have changed from 58 yrs. to 68 years. Anyway I am going to start making a chisel or two, I really like the calligraphy pen and think I'll turn a handle for mine , I really appreciate the photo's I'll post some when I get mine done
  4. Thanks for the pix Chief, great idea's I'm in the process of doing just that, my old hacksaw blades are old ones it seems everything I have is old haha, but I have made knives from them in the past for whittling and have held an edge quite well, I will get some masonry nails next time at the store I defiantly want to try that looks very useful I think a home made tool works and more important feels better in the hand maybe that's just me but I prefer a tool I made as opposed to a store bought one they seem to work better maybe because they are made for a specific purpose, again thanks for the tips PS you sure can tell those knives don't lay around much they look like their used all the time
  5. I don't have any plans to go by I just used the illustrations in the books I've found, I realize this needs quite a bit of work but i'm thrilled with th way it's turning out so far, and i'm hooked on this the learning curve is pretty steep but i'm working my way up, everyone here has been great
  6. Thanks Alan, great idea I think I have some somewhere around here, I was going to try an old hacksaw blade ground to shape and as you said some dowel pcs. for a handle and yes safety first always wear the specs LOU
  7. Thanks for the reply I ordered the chisel set a minute ago that is exactly what I was looking for , the electric tooth brush sounds like a great idea I appreciate the help, I'll take some picture of the sanding sticks if they work,
  8. I think I posted this in the wrong place the first time, sorry a new guy mistake, My question, is what kind of chisels does everyone use for such small work, like on the hull to make the bulwarks, the smallest one I have is 1/4", do you make your own or is there a good manufacturer? and what shape is recommended, curved, flat, skewed etc. next question: what is used to sand after the chisel, I'm thinking of cutting some dowels at different angles and gluing sand paper to them ?
  9. A big thank you for all the welcoming comments. My first question is what kind of chisel works best when cutting the holds in the hull to make the bulwarks(sorry if the terminology is wrong that's as big a learning curve as the building) I currently have a 1/4" wood working chisel as my smallest I'm wondering if there is anything smaller that works better and what shape works best does an Exacto chisel point work , and my second question is what do you use to get in there and sand it smooth, I was thinking of cutting some different sized dowel and gluing sand paper to the ends and trying that? Thanks for any help
  10. Hi my name is Lou I live in Lewes Delaware, I'm 68 years old. First I would like to thank you for the website, I am new to all this, I have built R/C planes and gliders from kits and from scratch and have always loved the building part much more than the flying part, I have many hobbies as my wife reminds me from time to time, I stumbled onto ships in bottles and though I would try it, well wow I'm hooked. So far I have four hulls started but every time I get it close to bottling I see an article and say to myself that would look better so I start again I have learned a great deal and still have miles to go but I really do enjoy the hobby. I chose a gallon wine jug so I'm not working on the smallest level, I chose a two masted schooner no name but little bits of all the ones I see in the forum and books, I hope to post some pictures next time, just a though I also have turned wooden pens on my lathe and the pen blanks are the perfect size for some of the hulls they come in many different hardwoods and some pretty exotic stuff not too expensive. I'm afraid I may have a million questions so please bear with me, some day I hope to be able to answer some for someone else.
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