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  1. Fantastic model. I would really like to hear about your technique producing your sea. Very impressive.
  2. Art Galleries regularly charge 50 to 60 percent. It's expensive, I know. Yet they might be in another country, and might have clients salivating for your work
  3. Thank you all. It's slowly being adapted to awareness
  4. As a noob, attempting to make sense of nautical terms is rather daunting. How do I find out what a top gallant mizzen mast sheet is, as opposed to my portside gunwale on the spar deck? I have some knowledge "fore, aft, port, starboard" but some of these terms are esoteric to me. Where could I find a glossary (with pictures hopefully) to get aquainted with such terms? Thank you Gordon
  5. I click on the link and only sends me to my account page. I don't see anything that leads me to downloads. I would be purchasing some but my brain hurts. I need help
  6. I really like the idea of using resin. As we all know, water isn't opaque.
  7. Hello Gordon here. I am new to this particular part of modelling . Can't wait to start that Schooner.
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