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  1. Welcome R Johns! There is nothing quite like looking at your first SIB completed. You already have modeling experience so this should be a smooth transition for you. Would love to see you do a build log here when you get started. Jesse
  2. Welcome to the forum Nils!
  3. JesseLee


    I always wanted to do a SIB with several ships in it
  4. Hello Matthias, welcome!
  5. I do too! I've used magnets with all kinds of projects around my house, can't believe I haven't thought of this
  6. Absolutely! That's just what this forum is for. Would love to see and follow your progress. There some great SIB modelers here that can guide you along if you need it, great support here.
  7. Welcome Tony! Don't worry about how detailed your first one is. No matter what, you have to start somewhere and you learn what does and doesn't work for you as you build them. I still have my first one. I jokingly call it my "Shipwreck-in-a-bottle" but it is still special because it was my first. Jesse
  8. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and/or however you recognize the Holiday season! Jesse
  9. JesseLee


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