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  1. Welcome to the forum Geordie!
  2. Nice! I always wanted to build one of these
  3. Wow! This has to be the most rigging I've ever seen on a SIB. Awesome!
  4. Perfection really doesn't matter. You learn as you go. Most people can't do this at all so just doing a SIB at all takes great skill. As long as you enjoy what you are doing and you learn what to do or not do on your next one all is fine. I can't do near as well as most of the "pros" here but I'm happy with what I can do. Keep building. learning and most of all, enjoying this craft which I consider a very special form of art. Jesse
  5. Welcome to the forum Alvaro
  6. Wow, they look great! Would never guess they were made from rolled paper!
  7. Surprising because the work is outstanding!
  8. I have had the issue with white glue swelling the wood making things fit too tight compared to when it was dry. I have used metal wire instead of wood pegs or I would sometimes taper the end of the peg making it easier to start in the hole with the rest of the peg very slightly scraped a little narrower to allow for the swelling. This probably does the same thing as the grove John was talking about. Jesse
  9. Welcome Dan! Hopefully some our tech-savy members can help you work out the photo issue, would like to see them. Jesse
  10. I have always wanted to try using epoxy resin for the sea but I'm afraid I'd make a big mess of it! Jesse
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