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  1. I wondered the same thing. Maybe have fishing line tied to it?
  2. Welcome Will !
  3. Wow, that is some really good miniature fabrication there!
  4. Hello Ian, welcome to the forum! Your plan sounds like a good one. Wonderful to hear that your sons are interested in SIBs. Sometimes it seems like it is a dying craft so it is great to hear that some younger people are learning too. Jesse
  5. Looking so nice, I love this. I collect stamps and this has made me think about along with my 1800s US and Us B.O.B. I would like to have a separate album with boats and ships of sail from all over the world. Jesse
  6. Welcome Quiney!
  7. Yes, those sails look really good!
  8. JesseLee

    CSS Alabama

    I have always been a student of Confederate History,... I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse
  9. JesseLee


    Wow, the detail looks very good for something this small!
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