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  1. Just finished the Spanker less the control lines that go to the Jigger Mast. I have to get the yards on the jigger first to determine length of control lines.
  2. Started on the Spanker with yards etc. Lots of rat lines to build as well. The Uschi thread is awesome, it will stretch and allow me to fold the yards sideways, to get the mast into the bottle! 👨‍🍳 Steady as she goes!
  3. All the masts are done save ratlines and rigging. Yards are done up, painted & ready to go. Now comes the fun part all of the rigging etc. Steady as she goes!
  4. 3 Masts; Spanker, Jigger, and Mizzen completed to date. Also starting to work on all of the ratlines.
  5. Love this build and your creativity. Well done!
  6. I rounded up all of my parts I had made over 3 years ago for the masts et al. Today was a job planning session to get organized. Started on the Spanker! Thank goodness for Ashley Book of Knots, as I have to do a twist/knot when inserting the mast complete with the yards/spars in one go when it's time to insert everything into the bottle. This is where the work gets interesting*
  7. Finished the bowsprit, will start on all of the masts tomorrow.
  8. Welcome aboard Mate! Greetings from Canada.
  9. Forecastle area completed. Working on the Bowsprit etc.
  10. Finished deck items on the midship. Gangway completed moving forward to the Forecastle.
  11. Working on the deck and fitting her out. If you look closely at the shack at the stern you can see I just glued it. I have some more handrailing and another ladder to install on the aft, another funnel as well. Then I'll move to mid-ship to install some handrailing and two funnels on to and 2 below. Then I'll move forward to install the walkway from mid-ship to the bow area. Slow but sure, the CV variants have kept me extremely busy at work trying to navigate work flow and staff issues.
  12. Thanks guys I am glad you like it more to come in the next few weeks!
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