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  1. Here's my final result, Charlotte Rhodes. I kept an informal log of how much time I spent and what I spent it on. Came out about 54 hours, with 10 spent on the hull, 8 on launching and finishing it in the bottle, 6 on the deck furnishings, 6 on the stand, 5.5 on the mast and spars etc. I actually thought it would have been more like 80 or 90 hours. Did anyone else ever track their hours?
  2. Charlotte Rhodes, adapted from a plan in "Modeling Ships in Bottles" by Jack Needham.
  3. tazam0827


    It occurred to me that I never finished this build log. Didn't want to leave you all hanging. I'm sure you were on the edge of your seat! I wasn't super happy with the results. But in the interest of sharing our disappointments as well as our triumphs, here it is. I should have spent more time smoothing the hull after I made some design changes, The proportion of the masts wasn't quite right and I think I should have included the topsails. Also, if you're going to make your ship heel, make sure it heels towards the front of the bottle. Otherwise it
  4. I like the way your chain plates are an extension of one of the thin laminated layers of the hull. Looks nice and sturdy!
  5. Colors fade as you get further from them due to scattering from atmospheric interference. While you might only be 5 feet from your model, it should look like you're 1000 feet. I guess that's why they call it scale colo(u)r!
  6. Your level of detail is amazing. When I try to do things at that scale, there are clumsy knots, globs of glue, uneven cuts, etc. Your work is so clean. More practice, I guess!
  7. Your work is nice and clean with great details. Good going!
  8. tazam0827


    I decided to make a little diorama and have the Asgard sailing around the Baily Light on Howth head on its way into the harbor. I decided I didn't really like the red wire I used to make the gantry and railing, but it was already in the bottle by the time I decided. Oh well...
  9. tazam0827


    The thread with the painted stripes is meant to represent the gap between the deck and the gunwal that I suppose allows for drainage in heavy seas. See this picture of the actual yacht. Here's my model, almost ready for the bottle.
  10. tazam0827


    The Asgard is a gaff rigged yacht built around 1908 in Norway for Erskine Childers, English MP and Irish Nationalist executed during the Irish Civil War. The ship was used to run guns into Howth, Ireland in response to the arming of Unionists in 1914. I became interested in the ship because it was a local legend in Howth, where I lived for a few years. I drew up some crude plans from photos I found on line.I carved the hull out of Basswood Decking, gunwale and cockpit built with coffee stirrers Bowsprit, cabin, hatches and helm fashioned and painted Mizzen m
  11. Wow, he must be a VERY good friend for you to do this for him. Excellent and innovative work!
  12. Stupendous! Amazing! Outstanding! I've read this before, but I keep coming back to this story to see what's possible with tiny, beautiful detail!
  13. I too like your choice of materials. I try to use things I find around the house as much as possible. I went through the same problem as you did with the gun ports and eventually came up with the same solution. One thing, instead of Popsicle sticks i use coffee stirrers. They are thinner and easy to bend when soaked in water. Luckily, the cafeteria at work stocks 2 different sizes!
  14. Jeff, I wanted to build a ship A) that had an interesting story and history, B) that I could find detailed diagrams of, C) was a three-masted square rigger. I thought it was cool that it was the first to discover and circumnavigate the Antarctic. I originally planned on building an ice shelf or iceberg into the surrounding sea, and in the first bottle I actually had a few quartz stones embedded to simulate sea ice, but I never followed through with that in the second bottle.
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