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  1. I notice that you have your bottle stood on end James,. Try putting a piece of tissue in the neck. I find it helps draw the moisture. Bernard
  2. Fantastic detailing Joe. Congratulations.
  3. Nice job Onni. Is she a destroyer or a corvette?
  4. Very nice work. The fine solder work on the bowsprit was excellent. Congratulations.
  5. I looked up this regiment. They were also known as The Prince of Wales 87th Regiment of Foot.. In 1881 they amalgamated with the 89th (Princess Victoria´s ) Regiment of Foot to become the Royal Irish Fusiliers. This ship was probably used as a troopship as during the eighteenth century this regiment was deployed in many overseas roles. The 89 on the stand could mean the year. The Royal Irish Fusiliers were known as the ´Faughs´.
  6. Very nice James. You have captured it perfectly.
  7. Nice work John. Thanks for the great photos.
  8. That is brilliant for a first build. Well done.
  9. Very nice Onni. You have a very good eye for detail and your presentation of the bottle is spot on.
  10. What is your location Bobohamer. I get mine online from England. If you are in the ¨US, somewhere local would be more appropriate.
  11. We just heard yesterday that my granddaughter has been confirmed as having covid 19. By the time she was diagnosed she was about four days in. She says it is not too bad, but then she is only 24. Thankfully she is on the downward slope and is feeling better all the time. She is at university in Cambridge and is now isolated along with her four housemates who are now being monitored for the virus.
  12. Nice work Tazam. The lighthouse on the cliff is very effective.
  13. Hi Spanky There are 148 confirmed cases in the Canary Islands at present, of which two people have unfortunately died. Hopefully this lockdown will be worth it. Yes I agree, hospital is an environment that I would prefer to avoid at this moment.
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