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  1. Great work Onni, as usuall. Bernard
  2. Fantastic model Alex. Bernard
  3. Absolutely fascinating John. I have been totally engrossed in your project from the beginning. The time, thought, and effort you have put in is a tribute to your patience and skill. As Onni says ´amazing work´ Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. Bernard
  4. Hi John This looks fantastic. The yard attachment device is very good and really looks the part with the chain attached. Congratulations. Your experiments are really working out well for you and I look forward to more photos of your work and to seeing the finished article. Bernard
  5. Very nice Onni I love the camel stand. Bernard
  6. Hi John. That is fascinating. I imagine that rolling the paper around the tube was quite difficult as the paper would have a tendency to slacken off at one end whilst being tight at the other. Sometimes when I roll paper it tends to skew because keeping it taut all round the centre is difficult. Looking great though John. Keep posting the pics, I love seeing them. Best wishes Bernard
  7. Hi John Nice work. Very precise work, but I bet it was darned fiddly. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Best of luck. Bernard
  8. I notice that you have your bottle stood on end James,. Try putting a piece of tissue in the neck. I find it helps draw the moisture. Bernard
  9. Fantastic detailing Joe. Congratulations.
  10. Nice job Onni. Is she a destroyer or a corvette?
  11. Very nice work. The fine solder work on the bowsprit was excellent. Congratulations.
  12. I looked up this regiment. They were also known as The Prince of Wales 87th Regiment of Foot.. In 1881 they amalgamated with the 89th (Princess Victoria´s ) Regiment of Foot to become the Royal Irish Fusiliers. This ship was probably used as a troopship as during the eighteenth century this regiment was deployed in many overseas roles. The 89 on the stand could mean the year. The Royal Irish Fusiliers were known as the ´Faughs´.
  13. Very nice James. You have captured it perfectly.
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