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  1. I am looking at starting my first model early next year. I am currently working on a panart double cannon deck kit. I am also experimenting colouring clay with paint, trying watercolour (easier clean up) then acrylics. Also looking at plasticine for the sea. Thus far I think the best fun will be finding a nice shaped bottle and drinking the contents so I can put a ship in it. I was looking for a prototype ship to do as my first build. I happen to have a larger model of HMS Bounty's jolly boat. Only a single mast but I have a nice ex rum bottle measuring about 8" that is crying out to be used.
  2. Greetings. I have a question regarding PVA. This seems to be used as a generic term for all types of white glue, I believe this is also what is in ladies hair spray and thus why it is used to seal chalk pictures. As a part-time woodworker I have come across many white glues ranging from powdered resin W to standard bottled wood glue and they all give different performances i.e. slow or fast drying and overall strength. Can they be spread thin (as needed on small models) or do they need a good dollop etc etc. What glues are you using for model ships? Are there any types of pva to avoid? Thanks in advance Richard Johns
  3. Up to a couple of years ago all my modelling has been railway related. Wanting to do something new I have been building some wood ships and nautical wood kits. Being from Portsmouth and also living in Plymouth and working in the dockyards, all things nautical have also been an interest of mine. Now, having run out of wall space, and the smallest wood ships being about two foot long and not forgetting the height of the masts, I have decided to give ships in bottles a go as I can get more of my completed work on display.
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