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  1. I Will do that, good idea, i didnt think of that! Thanks bernard. 😁
  2. Lucky for me, my wife works in a clothing store and keeps bringing me packets of desiccant silica gel home! The sun still hasnt come out, so ive got my uv heatlamp on the go aswell. Thanks alan.
  3. Ive just tried a fungal/mould cleaner and it seems so far so good, i have also got an aquarium air pump set up and some packets of silica gel inside, so now its a waiting game! Will put it out in the sun later if it decides to come out today! Its been rather wet of late here in essex😢. Thanks for the great advice, i was very nervous as of what to do as its a first time for me and hopefully a last. I will update later, thanks exwafoo. 😊
  4. So ive just seen the sib i made for my dad back in may and much to my dismay discovered mould growing all over the ship, im thinking that maybe it was corked to quickly and still had too much moisture content, as this was built in very very short notice. So now i have brought it home to try and carry out emergency mould removal, hopefully i can cure it before its irreparable! So was wondering before i make a huge mistake, does anyone have any advice as to what to use to remove the mould without damaging the acrylic paint! Thanks. 😁 The black marks on the hull
  5. Maybe a fishing rod with line and just a weight on the end with a large unbarbed hook, cast out over the boat and hopfully reel it back in.
  6. Looks amazing! 😎
  7. Made a simple stand and fitted cork, now its finished.
  8. Hi robjames, great looking sib, Nicely done! If your looking for another gin bottle then this one from sainsbury is pretty good and has a good size neck width and is the only one I’ve found of this shape that has the least thick base! Only draw back is the screw cap, but you can trim down regular corks to fit and then wrap round cord to cover the screw thread. Only other draw back is it’s £16 a bottle and I don’t like gin! So I buy it for my mum and dad and it comes back to me a week later empty and cleaned!😂
  9. One side pretty much done, i wont tell you how many bits ive glued back in though! 😂😂
  10. Ive got some stamp albums from when i was small and another that my gran and mum filled up, but alas not one single boat or ship in sight! 😔
  11. Back on this today, its going to take alot of dedication to not let myself become distracted and put it to oneside again! So the first job on the list is to make the cannon ports and holes for the oars, drilled holes first, now the painstaking process of cutting them all square, they are only about 1.5mm so i might be quite a while!
  12. Looks great! Nice job with the emblem, really sets it off. 😎
  13. I thought it needed a little extra something.
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