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  1. Great looking ships in bottles Geordie. I especially like the ones with lighthouses. Welcome aboard!
  2. ‘Merikarhu’ (Sea Bear) ST-79 Ocean tug. Constructed in Brooklyn NY in 1943 served during Normandy landings 1944. Transferred to Finland 1946/47. Now a museum ship at Hamina , south Finland.
  3. For me Facebook is just a quick peep at the latest bottled ships mostly produced by the same people often or not but it’s anyway interesting to observe the different skill levels. I am on Facebook and probably on the bottom level of skill by the way! This forum is easy going and great for sharing information and especially wonderful build logs which I find very interesting which you don’t really get on Facebook. Maybe I’m old school as well, (at least old!) Onni.
  4. Great looking ship and enhanced by the beautiful background . Well done Alvaro!
  5. Amazing work John and with that comes exceptional realism to your model. Well done.
  6. Mary Celeste 1872 in a miniature bottle.
  7. Welcome Alvaro.
  8. Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7, on Coniston water,January 1967.
  9. I use white glue as well but haven’t really had any problems with it except that the hulls have to be joined together pretty quickly. I have never used epoxy to join them, that sounds a bit scary! To avoid expansion of the holes or dowels (cocktail sticks?) you could try using metal dowels cut from metal coat hangers. They are a slightly larger diameter than cocktail sticks but not greatly so. I’ve used them a couple of times and they work okay. onni
  10. Welcome aboard Dan! Onni
  11. Welcome Andy. I don’t have any experience with kits but I’m sure other members can give you some good advice on the building of them. Scratch building is harder but probably more satisfying. Good luck!
  12. Welcome Patch! I rather like your ship in a bottle. Looks kinda cool. I am a similar age to you and started modelling in the mid 1980’s but gave it up because of work and family commitments but restarted in the next millennium. My eyesight has also deteriorated so I try to get as much modelling done while I still can. ‘Onni’
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