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  1. Looking good,well done Chas!
  2. HMS Victoria 1893. One of the few vertical standing wrecks in the world.
  3. Onni


    Very nice. I can see that you have spent many hours working on these models. They look great!
  4. Onni


    Welcome Allan. Sounds like some interesting projects you have going on.
  5. Ă–sterstjernan. A locally constructed 'packet ship' working from Loviisa,South East Finland.
  6. Amazing work John and I imagine very time consuming. Thanks for describing in detail your work on these card hulls.
  7. Turbinia 1894. Fastest ship in the world at that time with a speed of 34,5 Knots!
  8. Welcome Matthias!
  9. Thanks again Moab.
  10. Welcome Toejam. Sounds like you have an interesting lifestyle and yes, SIB's would be a great storage saver on a yacht.
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