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  1. Thanks Bernard,wondered if anybody had spotted the camels. I was planning to embellish them a bit but decided to leave them as they were,rough and simple. There is another camel inside the bottle near the gunboat but a bit difficult to make out in the photos.
  2. Welcome aboard tallyho!
  3. Destroyed the deck trying to squeeze it in, so hurriedly had to make a new one out of slightly thinner veneer. Luckily second attempt succeeded.
  4. Taken a couple of months work but she's finally finished.
  5. Everyone has different preferences for modelling the sea. Personally l just use plastasine and paint the surface to mimic white surf. Some people use resins and some use putty, there are different things that can be used. Perhaps experiment a bit first and see what your happy with.
  6. Can't help much with your questions, except the second number4 in your list about smoke. I have used just cotton wool in the past, sprayed lightly with black and grey paint. This effect also stiffens the cotton wool so that it can be glued in place in the funnel and can look quite convincing.
  7. Some really nice deck details you have made there.
  8. Welcome Tony. I am living next door to you (Finland) and am also from the UK. Nice that you picked a Viking ship as your build.
  9. Worth the effort you've put into it,looks great.
  10. All these hulls never made it into a bottle, for one reason or another. I'm getting quite a collection now! Anybody else have any failed ship stories that never got off the drawing board and into a bottle?
  11. "Fram" designed and built by Colin Archer and used by Roald Amundsen for his Antarctic expedition.
  12. Just completed Hms Campbeltown (ex 131 Buchanan) depicting the raid on St.Nazaire docks in 1942. Not that easy to depict a dockyard in a 75cl bottle but you get the idea.
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