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Gwyl Blaser

What's on your workbench?

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Alex, your Morgan is amazing.  I just started a 1:64 version of the ship from the Model Shipways kit - I hope it comes out half as nice as yours!


Funny you should mention Heather Roger's Morgan, I just came across her picture yesterday.  I was thinking that when I had enough skill I would try to do the Morgan SIB with whaleboats and a whale in the water, and then saw that she had already done one.   :wacko:   

Thank you Mike.  The ship herself has lots to offer and I hope your Morgan will delight you as well.  Post some pictures sometime. I'm sure we'll learn from them.

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4 minutes ago, Onni said:

That's beautiful Igor. What do you use to make the sea?


Thank you, Onni!
In this project, I used a two-component silicone to make the basis of the sea and a clear acrylic gel to simulate a slight ripple on the surface of the water.




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