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Alex, your Morgan is amazing.  I just started a 1:64 version of the ship from the Model Shipways kit - I hope it comes out half as nice as yours!


Funny you should mention Heather Roger's Morgan, I just came across her picture yesterday.  I was thinking that when I had enough skill I would try to do the Morgan SIB with whaleboats and a whale in the water, and then saw that she had already done one.   :wacko:   

Thank you Mike.  The ship herself has lots to offer and I hope your Morgan will delight you as well.  Post some pictures sometime. I'm sure we'll learn from them.

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4 minutes ago, Onni said:

That's beautiful Igor. What do you use to make the sea?


Thank you, Onni!
In this project, I used a two-component silicone to make the basis of the sea and a clear acrylic gel to simulate a slight ripple on the surface of the water.




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I’m doing two SIBs at once. One is HMS Ramillies and I’ve got a build log going for her here on BSB. But the second one has no build log, it’s a three masted barkentine with no name and here is her photo. I’m enjoying doing two ships at the same time since some aspects of the project can be done simultaneously and thus are more efficient- like melting and pouring the plasticine sea material. Otherwise it’s good to be able to turn away from one project as it gets stale and go to the other project the following day, alternating. The square rigged warship is done but not inserted and I’ve got half the sails yet to bend on to the barkentine.they should both be complete within a week. Then you likely won’t see me on this website for a while as I will return to my larger, static, not SIB Model Shipways Brig Niagara. So you see in the bigger picture of my modeling life I am also alternating between projects: I built the Niagara to the point of completing the hull and deck furniture and stopped to do these two SIBmodels and when they are complete I will return to Niagara to begin spars and rigging, which will take a long time. Alternating between project helps me to stay enthusiastic about each and not become bored with either. 



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