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  1. Haha. Thats a good one. Yeah its been a rough year in tax work here. The goverment keeps changing the rules and giving us more work.
  2. The way I did the back stays on the Scavenger is that they were glued down after the mast was in place. It would work with a forward folding mast. It's up to you on though. Nothing wrong with keeping it as the instructions laid out.
  3. I just did an update and it did change a little. Not sure I'm happy with it. I need to spend some time messing with it but I'm also right at the end of tax season at work. I'll see if I can't get it straitened out.
  4. I was wondering how they would do the rigging if the masts are snapped in. Leaving off the back stays does simplify it enough for how they have it set up. I agree I think you could add them and still snap in the masts. I did something very similar with my build of the Scavenger.
  5. Glad you found the sloop useful. Great work so far. It doesn't even have masts and sails yet and I look at it and think yup, thats the Bluenose. You got the lines perfect.
  6. I actually attach a 6lb fishing line. I got those cheapo fishing rods that fold down so they look like pens. Then I can carry everything in pretty easy. It sails out and when I decide I need to change tack I give the line a pull. When I'm done I real the whole thing back in.
  7. I decided to go further and lengthened the mast and boom. This configuration has done really well.
  8. So then I made this version of the sails. It did a bit better. The jib seemed to not work so I spun a lot of circles. Looked great though.
  9. I then gave the little boat a shot. She did pretty good. The pond had a bit of a current and I found the little sails weren't quiet enough to over come it. The pond also sits down in kind of a bowl so the wind is scarce and being,over a mile above sea level the air is pretty thin. I needed a new set of sails.
  10. I figure this boat is sort of a miniature so I'll post it here. This has been my latest project. While not a my ussual ship in bottle builds this has been a lot of fun. On a Facebook group I saw some one post a pond yacht. Ive been eyeing pond yachts for some time and mentioned it. He told me the best way to get in is find an old Star yacht amd restore it. So I went on EBay and found one for arround $20. This is what I got. Over all she was in decent shape. Just needed a new set of sails. He provided a site for Star Yachts that had the original measurements. So for about $4
  11. Stairs are rough to hand make at full scale let alone this scale. Photo etching was a good choice.
  12. Nothing wrong with a plastic ship. I may give a side eye for gluing a bottle together with a ship inside. Even then, we allow miniatures ships here too so I may allow it on grounds its a miniature ship put in a bottle shaped case. This does look like a fun project. I bet you can get a pretty good looking SIB out of this kit.
  13. It does seem like that sometimes. A lot of work done and not much to show for it. Steady as she goes she'll get there. I'm very impressed with the stairs. They look excellent and very to scale.
  14. Always a pleasure seeing your work. It's very impressive.
  15. Post it on this thread and we can take a crack at it. Most ships in bottle fall between $100 - $300. If it's from the 1960s its likely to be closer to the $100 side. That depends on the quality of the work.
  16. You are correct that the bottom corners of the sails will be secured after going into the bottle. This is the way I've always done it and your right the yards can't rotate otherwise. The hard part in securing the sails sometimes one side sits to high and another to low. I suggest adding the lifts as you see in Alans diagram above. I use thread blocks so theres no hole drilled. Tie a thread block just above the mast and secure the line from one end of the yard through the black and on to the other. The line will slide through the block and still allow the yards to rotate. Once its in the
  17. There's a whole list of ships in the UK I'd love to go see. The Golden Hind, Cutty Sark, Victory, Mary Rose. I'll have to make a trip some day. There's a ship from that time period I've thought of building and maybe I aught to get on it. It was called the Desire and captained by Thomas Cavendish. My 13th great grandfather Thomas Eldred sailed on it with Cavendish. I guess they were good friends. A Painting of Eldred and of the Desire is in the Christchurch Mansion. Would be fun to visit the mansion too.
  18. Very true Drake was not a pirate really. A privateer is a better term. I guess he was considered close enough for the podcast and he had his associations with French pirates. That was an interesting speculation from the podcast. In one of Drakes early voyages along side John Hawkins their orders were trade with but not attack the Spanish. Early in the voyage,Drake converses with some French pirates and then sails across to south America. They stop at port after port of Spanish towns that had just been sacked by the French. Each time they are able to trade supplies to help rebuild. The podcast
  19. Yeah. Its difficult. Its ussualy best to find original sources on both sides and determine the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. The show was interesting because its based on a letter from the Spanish captain himself. Although I'm wary of that too. Apparently he had gotten seperated and lost his ship and was picked up by others in the Spanish Armada. He was set to be court marshled for his failings but the ship that picked him up eventually grounded in Ireland and most of the crew was killed by the English. So a big part of his letter back to Spain was explaining his heroic deeds i
  20. Ok so curiosity got to me and I bought it. I'm not sure it was worth $5. I think it was well done but there's a lot of story to fit into 27 minutes and while they told the story which was very interesting they also skipped over the battles. I think they were keeping it family friendly so violence is to a minimum but at such a minimum it feels like your reading a picture book. The ship graphics weren't bad. They spend more time off of the ships though so there wasn't much ship wise to glean from the film. I think the most interesting point to come from the film was that there were Irish peo
  21. That is an incredible amount of workmanship. The ship fills the bulb to the very edges. Excellent work Chasseur.
  22. I ran into this. I haven't purchased or watched it yet but it looks interesting. Has anyone seen it? It's on https://www.spanisharmadaireland.com/
  23. Some great finishing touches. Great job on this. The ship looks awesome. I love all the detail.
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