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  1. I don't know if you have seen the film with George Fulfit. Its a fun watch but theres a part where he talks about getting into ships in bottls and hes like, "I got excited. I'm gonna build me a three master. Wo I says, I'm doing to much I better do another two master." Its all part of the fun of this hobby.
  2. DSiemens

    Mini SIBs

    Been a while since I've posted any of my work. Its been a bit tough to get to ships in bottles the last year or so. I've been studying and taking CPA exams but not passing them. They're no joke. So still fighting that fight. I'll get there. I also had an issue with pain in my thumb everytime I went to build. Probably from to much phone use plus model building putting a stain on my joints. So I've become more mindful of how do things. That seems to have helped. So now I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I'm lucky to be working in healthcare in I have friends
  3. This is looking fun and really coming together. Great job.
  4. Welcome! Finding bottles is a fun part of this hobby. I always keep an eye out in thrift stores and antique shops. Hobby stores have some pretty good ones as well. Most importantly though tell all your friends who drink that you build ships in bottles. They'll show up with a ton of bottles. Usually they'll ask if the bottles are good enough. I tell them if they aren't I'll throw them away for you. My friends have brought me some really good ones.
  5. Been doing some digging but I'm not finding anything in six to eight inches that's wooden. Lots of plastic but not wooden kits.
  6. You know. I know ship in bottle kits are hard to come by but I haven't explored miniature ship kits. In general scratch is the way to go. There's a lot of freedom in building what ever you want. I understand the hesitancy though. I'll have to have a look around and see what I can find as far as miniature kits. For real small I know there's the war gaming models. One could paint one of those up and model out the masts and sails and have a really good looking miniature ship. Maybe that's the place to look.
  7. I just learned the sad news. Terry Lynn Butler passed away on January 2nd. I don't have any more details than that but I'm saddened by the news. She was the information collector, editor and printer of the Bottled Shipwright for many years and worked hard to bring us the quarterly magazine. She was also a great mentor. She often answered a lot of my questions as I was getting started in ship in bottle building. I'm very sad to hear she passed away. As many of you may have known her too I thought I'd share the news.
  8. That's coming out really nice. The silk screen looks good.
  9. Donald you might be interested in the work of Michel Bardet. He's a french ship in bottle restorer who does excellent work but he also does ships in bottles of the Route De Rhum winners which are all catamarans. He has build logs on his website. http://michel.bardet.pagesperso-orange.fr/rdr.htm
  10. Neville I sent you an email yesterday. Lets see what we can do to help you.
  11. DSiemens


    Excellent job. The ship and stand are incredible. Its a real work of art.
  12. I use fly tieing thread 8/0. Thread that doesn't stretch is best. Larger scale modelers get more in-depth with scale line width. Less ship in bottle builders get that detailed. You can if you want, but 99% of us choose a thread size that just looks right over actual scale size. I use wire for mast hinges and occasionally blocks to tie lines too. I think .5 or .4 mm It needs to be able to thread through the mast. I don't really use wire for anything else. The trouble with wire is it bends but doesn't easily unbend which makes it less usable when you fit a ship through a bott
  13. Thats a good question Moab and just so it's clear, I'm totally for forum members supporting other forum members. Lets just not make this an advertising site. If you see another members work that appeals to you, send them a PM and ask if you can buy. If you want to put an etsy shop web address or other website in a signature line below posts, thats fine. I'd rather not see threads advertising models for sale though. I'd like to keep this as an educational site and not a seller site.
  14. I bet you could do it. I did one particular build for this situation and maybe it can help. Have a look and see if this will work. The idea I had in mind was making a beginners ship in bottle that didn't look kiddish but wasn't overly difficult. I've seen quiet a few beginners on this site build this ship and they all did pretty well.
  15. This is my secret weapon when it comes to knots. I dont worry about trying to tie too small. I cut plenty of line and tie the knot then pull it down tight. It leaves long ends and thats where the cuticle clipper comes in. Since it has a flat edge that clips by pinching rather than scissoring I can get right up on the knot and clip off the extra line. So I tie with plenty of line put a dab of glue down to secure the knot and then clip off the excess. Also Jeff is correct using the right type of knot is also very helpful.
  16. Always scary when things go awry. Glad you managed to get it out damage free. That's not easy. Best of luck in the next go.
  17. That's beautiful. Great job! Good idea on the deadeays too. They look really good.
  18. DSiemens


    Such a beautiful ship. You've done a great job so far.
  19. That's so much fun. Great job!! It's a great looking little ship in bottle.
  20. Now that's a bottle full! Great job Oni. That's a beautiful ship. It was fun to see the photos of the pieces coming together.
  21. That looks great!! Paper is an interesting method. I did one similar a long time ago and at a much smaller scale. Had a guy in our club show us how to make long boats with a wood mold. He put a bit of wax on the mold and placed paper over the top brushing it with water downed white glue. After it dried it could be removed from the mold and you'd have a hollowed out hull. I took the idea and made a version of the Queen Annes Revenge. The rigging wasn't great but the hull looked good. Having done a few minis since I should try it again. The part I found interesting was you need to b
  22. A carboy or boccioni bottle maybe but they both have pretty small bottle necks in proportion to the chamber size. The ship would have to be in a lot of pieces. It would look awesome though.
  23. There really isn't a lot of ship in bottle kits out there. Amati has a few and I'd guess you already ran into those in your search. I'm not aware of any really large kits. For the most part ship in bottle builders turn to scratch building since its easier to find plans and supplies.
  24. Haha. Thats a good one. Yeah its been a rough year in tax work here. The goverment keeps changing the rules and giving us more work.
  25. The way I did the back stays on the Scavenger is that they were glued down after the mast was in place. It would work with a forward folding mast. It's up to you on though. Nothing wrong with keeping it as the instructions laid out.
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