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  1. Nice bottle. I like those thin bottles. It increases the challenge and the WOW factor is also enhanced. Gwyl
  2. John, This is looking great. In every photo and word that you post there is a tremendous amount of information. I wished I could remember it all! Sometimes it is like a huge feast where there is so much food but when you are stuffed you cannot absorb any more. I look forward to your updates. Gwyl
  3. Welcome aboard Lobo. I remember Frank Mastini. I think I have a construction video from way back where he is demonstrating the ship building process. Gwyl
  4. Nice work. Very clean details. Gwyl
  5. Added a link to Model Ship Builder http://www.modelshipbuilder.com
  6. Added a link to Bernd Jocham's plans page. Ship Model Plans by Bernd Jocham http://www.jocham-sc...html/start.html
  7. Artur, You are making great progress on this. The scale detail is very authentic looking. Gwyl
  8. Gwyl Blaser


    That is an awesome first project. Very clean and crisp looking. I like your choice of bottles too! Gwyl
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