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Many thanks Gwyl and Igor.

I have made a few models with mutli piece hulls. Bluenose and America from John Fox´s plans and a couple I have done myself. But I have never used pieces in a vertical plane on the deck of the ship. The vessel I am looking at modeling has a superstructure with bridge wings which slightly overlap the bulwarks on the main deck. If I were to make the superstructure in two pieces I would have a join down the centre of the superstructure. This is the join I would find difficult to disguise.  I may possibly have to make the front of the superstructure as a seperate piece to avoid this join. Hopefully being able to insert it into the bottle in one piece and disguising the join to the superstructure behind it. The alternative would be to make the superstructure as a hollow item and build it inside the bottle. 

I have yet to draw up plans for this ship so I have time to think on it yet. 

Any ideas or advice would be welcome. 

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Thanks Gwyl. That is worth thinking about. I thought I could easily hide the join down the length of the superstructure because the deck is painted green. It is the front of the bridge that concerns me. Doing it across the width could be a better option. Until I can draw up the plans I will not be too sure. I am trying to get hold of a set of plans from the company that now owns the ship but they have so far only been able to offer me a very basic plan and side elevation of the ship. She is at present being restored in Santa Cruz harbour, Tenerife.


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Micro-Mark sells a photo etch kit with everything needed to make your own PE parts using your computer and printer.




I wrote an article about my first attempts at using the kit. In it I went over some points in the kit's instructions that may be confusing and areas where I had problems (with my solutions). The intent of the article is to help others get through the steep learning curve by learning from my mistakes. It is not a substitute for the excellent instructions in the kit, just some additional information.


First Attempts at Photo Etch.pdf 

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Thanks, Gwyl. I bought the kit primarily to make nameplates for my work without the limitations imposed by the makers of nameplates (fonts, lay-outs, sizes, etc.) and to experiment with the process for making small parts. I also was pleased with my results once I got over the initial hump in the learning curve.


BTW, in the article I mentioned a plan to fill the etched areas will black paint. It didn't work very well and I used a blackening agent for copper and brass then sanded the high spots back to bright brass and finishing with light coats of spray clear lacquer.

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Hi everyone!

The small incident forced me to make adjustments to my plan of action.
I had planned to put the model into the bottle, close the bottle the cork and on this to stop. But now I have to make a stand and come up with something for concealing and fixing crack.In the future, I'm going to make the rocks that hide the crevasse and additionally fix the fracture. Now I have some more ideas , but I'm going to implement them later, when I get back from vacation. ))


Best Regards!










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Alex, your Morgan is amazing.  I just started a 1:64 version of the ship from the Model Shipways kit - I hope it comes out half as nice as yours!


Funny you should mention Heather Roger's Morgan, I just came across her picture yesterday.  I was thinking that when I had enough skill I would try to do the Morgan SIB with whaleboats and a whale in the water, and then saw that she had already done one.   :wacko:   

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