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  1. Back onto it. Started cutting and installing porthole windows Midships. Special tool made to cut and install accordingly! 4 done far left, just a push in press fit no glue.
  2. The latest journal is now up for grabs on the clubs forum! Enjoy, Chass
  3. Hello all, when I get into the office tomorrow I will post our Bottled Shipwright Journal to the clubs section for this calendar year. It's a special edition due to COVID. Jeff
  4. Welcome Will and yes the Bluenose is a nice build. John Fox III, who frequents this forum has a great build log on the fishing schooner. Jeff
  5. Chasseur

    HMS FURY 1942

    Thing of Beauty Onni! Chass
  6. Very cool, thanks for posting everyone! ⚔️ Chass
  7. Well it's time to resurrect this project and get it done! It has been over 2 years. I will start to post soon. The Preussen is going to be a bit of a stinker as there is a ton of rigging involved. There is going to be some head scratching for sure. Stay tuned! Chass 😵
  8. Chasseur

    CSS Alabama

    Just got a chance to look at his. Excellent build, really enjoyed the pictures and your progress. Well done Onni, Chass
  9. Thank-you Onni, and I hope you and your family are well and staying safe! Chass
  10. So she finally left the dockyard and hit the bottle/light bulb! Chass ⚔️
  11. Absolutely love this Jesse! Thanks for posting*
  12. Thanks for the kind words James!
  13. Some more work on the running rigging and ratlines on the mizzen/spanker! Slowly getting things sorted out! Below is a shot of the stern, working on the ratlines and painted the emblem detail. I used some metallic gold paint and painted it freehand. Turned out okay! Looks better in-person. Chass
  14. Hey Joe, Maybe push the envelope, your awesome skills, then please get one into a bottle my friend! Chass
  15. Thank you Spanky for the kind words. May God richly bless you and yours, especially your Mom! 😇 Chass
  16. Hi Caleb, the handrails are photo-etched parts I purchased online from a chap in the UK. The rails are painted with a white enamel paint thinned with mineral spirits. Chass
  17. Thank-you, James and Jesse for the kind words. The sails are made from a heavy watercolor paper. I scribe the details in with a mechanical pencil and detail with watercolor pigment! Chass
  18. Thank you John, for the kind words. Chass
  19. Thanks Onni for your kind words. Chass
  20. For me, I am part of an Incident Management Team in our Emergency Operations Center. We have declared a State of Emergency. Our EOC is at level 3, 4 is the highest you can go. We are in a partial lock-down here in Alberta Canada. Most businesses are closed with exception to Food Stores, Pharmacies, Veterinarians, Hardware Stores for emergency repairs and of course Medical Centers and Hospitals. You can still get takeout food at drive through, however you are not allowed inside any restaurants, bars, barbershops et al. Daniel- I feel for you as the USA has been hit hard especially New York
  21. I must apologize for my inactivity. Between change management at work, taking care of my aging mother, and now COVID-19, things are a bit hairy these days. Anyway some progress as follows:
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