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  1. Many thanks, friends! This project I built three years ago to test a new way to make the sea. Best Regards! Igor.
  2. Hello, everybody! I was away for a while, but my work was progressing... Best Regards! Igor.
  3. The third ship in the Blefusquan fleet is in the process of...
  4. Hey, Bruce! I built this model a few years ago. You can see my building log here - . Maybe you will find something useful in it for yourself. Good luck! Igor.
  5. In what scale are you building this model?
  6. Welcome and good luck, Rick!
  7. My new project - Gulliver steals the Blephusquan Fleet in bottle. Scale 1:35
  8. The schooner ATLANTIC construction process is almost complete.
  9. IgorSky


    WOW, Onni! Well Done! My congrats! Igor.
  10. Then I placed the bottle on another slipway, pulled out all the gear of the standing and running rigging, fixed their CA, cut off the ends and set the flag in the stern.
  11. Then I took the model off the slipway and stuffed it all into a bottle, applying some silicone sealant to the bottom of the bottle beforehand. I placed the boat's hull diagonally and left it to dry.
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