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  1. Ahoy Mick! I feel Your pain. I spent my 2020 wrecking a clipper in a bottle 3 times. One for the record book for sure! Once again; taking time away, contemplating my next. Maybe for you, attempt #2 will be the one to celebrate! Maybe for me, attempt #4 will be the one. Cheers, mate!
  2. YouTube is a great resource. I thought about what knots I use. -cow hitch and reef knot to attach yards to masts. -Clove hitch at end of yards. -Square knot a lot. -and Figure 8 loop for masts pulls at the cross trees. Attaching a pic of a cow hitch around a yard. (Thanks to D. Siemens)
  3. I used to race RC model yachts in a club. World Cup rules, around bouys. We were members of the AMYA and held/attended tournaments. Good times. Sometimes the guys would let me win.
  4. Clipper. 3rd attempt. Previous 2 broke in the neck. I’m using the hinge method. 3rd times a charm. Lessons learned.
  5. Nice start! I have a Lexington completed without a bottle too! The bottle It fits in has a ship in it, dagummit! I should visit the nice bottle lady at the consignment store, one of these days.😀
  6. Looks like those masts are good. Just gotta drill the holes. as for the pull lines, a touch of glue on the mast and then cut the line with hand made cutting tool with (razor). A skewer stick with broken razor glued on tip works for some. We all make our own tools. I use a very fine fly fishing leader tippet line (7x 2.7 lbs) I can barely see it. I can leave it in and pull it out through a bowsprit hole with the other lines and snip it there. Or, cut and glue at the mast, depending on the look. Cheers! Jeff
  7. Nice start Will! I encourage you to watch Episode #1, Season 26 of the Woodwrights Shop- Ship in a bottle. (Youtube) Lots of tips from the guest on that episode! He demonstrates hauling in the main sail for a schooner/ sloop. As for sail glue: I use “puzzle glue”. It’s used to glue a puzzle together to frame it and hang it on a wall (I reckon some people do that). I get it at the craft store. If a mistake is made, hot water on a cotton swab, back and forth on the line, removes the glue. Cheers! Best regards, Jeff
  8. Today; An online search led me to an article in Collectors Weekly on Whimsey bottles. Said locking stoppers were popular in the 19th century and really took off when Popular Mechanics ran an article mid-century. An hour later, I found an article with a photo in PM archives online. Jan 1938. vol.69. no1. Page 81 Hope it helps.
  9. Jeff B


    To boldly go... out of this bottle.
  10. Glancing around at PM archives again. Haven’t seen it yet.
  11. Jeff B

    HMS FURY 1942

    Splendid piece of history!
  12. Jeff B


    From the album: Jeff B

  13. Mick-. My advice, glue every knot. Be careful not to get it on the rigging as it put unusual bends in it that won't allow it to appear tight. CA glue can be used, but keep in mind it fogs up the bottle and may do so for some time. Best to stand the bottle on end to ventilate it. Keep the cork loose for a month or so. You may need to go back in and clean that fog . A swab and acetone (Fingernail polish remover) will do the trick. When running lines through the bowsprit or through blocks at there, I use CA glue to secure them. I put a small fold on my paper
  14. Good idea, except it's a direct violation of the This Hobby Is Not Going To Cost Any Money Treaty, made with Mama Bear.😀 Jeff
  15. I buy my fly tying/ fly fishing materials from J Stockard Fly Flishing @ JSflyfishing.com I also go to my local sporting goods, outdoorsman shop. Like Mr.Fox said, 3/0, 6/0, 8/0 size. Black, tan, brown, white (for stripe). Waxed is good. I rewax EVERY line again because drilled holes are rough, not smooth on the thread and will fray it when the thread moves in and out. Stockard has beeswax. I've also learned to run the thread through the wax (I use a block of beeswax I got from a beekeeper) before threading the needle. The needle tends to strip odd the excess wax. I just ch
  16. A picture is worth 1000 words... I took the conning tower off. It's just held in by deep wire pins cut from paper clips. I bent the front periscope to plumb vertical. Having a boost of confidence, I made a rudder, and tested my nerves and blood pressure with insertion. It worked this time, after a half hour of flopsin the sea.
  17. 1963-1993 While other teenagers were driving cars... I was driving a multimillion dollar state of the art master of seas. Loved it so much, I begged the Skipper for reenlistment and to let me do another "hitch" on her rather than go to shore duty. Being fully aware ware of the dimensions, as I've walked them many times, and was quizzed to pass ships submarine quals, it's to scale. Couldn't get the rudder fin in. She's maximum knots, it's buried in foam. She had just came out the shipyard and was refitted with sound dampening rubber on all noise making machinery, and a
  18. Side view. Once in the bottle, can set the joint straight with adhesive.
  19. For Bruce. Opposite of prior description. Wood with rubber band flexi joint.
  20. Idea for oars...elastic. Rubber band .harden with paint, cut out an oar, glue a flat tooth pick on the "backside. Cut or break the toothpick right where it goes in to the side of the ship. Rubber bands are quite versatile.
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