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HMB Endeavour, a scratch build

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Hi All, 

I've started on a SIB of the HMB Endeavour, which is a relatively famous ship in this part of the world.

I started about a month ago, after I'd visited the replica of the ship, and taken heaps of photos. As it lives locally in Sydney harbour,  it was a nice day out!

So far, I've shaped the hull, carved out of some nice straight grained soft wood from an old office table, which was about 40 years old.

I've also played with masts and spas, with mixed success!

The hull is sliced at the waterline, and so far, I can fit it down the neck of my bottle. (Always  bonus!)

This build is going to take me months, as I have to learn how to do and make everything.

So any comments, criticisms, pointers where I'm going wrong, etc will be more than welcome.







hull 3.JPG

hull 4.JPG

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Thank you Gentlemen.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to make the ship in the wrong order!

Normally, on a larger scale model, you plank the hull, then do the decks and bulwarks, in about that order.

I really should plank the decks, then the bulwarks, then plank the hull.

So I have the hull planking ready to rock and roll, the bulwarks are just about ready, as are the planks for the decks.

However, on close examination of the hull, the fore-mast is way off the center line, which will make the planking, and the rest of the ship, look really odd!

It is fixable, just a pain!

I'll drill out the existing mast hole to about 7 or 8 mm, put in a dowel plug, and then re-drill the mast hole on the center line. Sounds easy!!

The photo shows the problem.






Center line.JPG

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Couldn't tell from the before photo. Reckon it's bc the masts all lined up straight in the photo. 

I wrote myself a time order checklist awhile back to keep my builds "on track". Step 1..., Step 2 ..., etc. I often come back after a few days or a week , scratching my chin thinking, what the heck was doing last? 

Fair winds on the rest of your build. 


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Hi Jeff,.

All the masts line up in a nice straight line, it's just because of over enthusiastic sanding in shaping the hull that made it go all skewiff!

I've just drilled and Dremmelled  both the fore-mast and the mizen-mast holes, and dribbled epoxy into the holes.

Tomorrow, I'll re-drill the holes in the correct place.

Are there any secrets to drilling into West System Epoxy??

My plan is to drill a small pilot hole, (0.8mm) then drill out to the correct size.

Hope it works!




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