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Bottled Ship Builder

Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

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On 2/9/2018 at 12:49 AM, MarylandBill said:

Hi, relatively new here.. but wow... your model is both inspiring... and a little intimidating.  I doubt I could ever capture the level of detail you have.  Truly amazing.  Can't wait to see it in a bottle.

Hi Bill!
Many thanks for your feedback!
But I still think that you can not consider this level unattainable. Just try to do something and you will be surprised by your capabilities! I did not immediately come to this level and I still continue to study.
Good luck and my best regards to you!

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Hello to all!
So ... The boat stood on the shipway during almost a year in anticipation of the process of placing in the bottle. About a month ago, I returned from vacation and, in the remaining few days before going to work, I, nevertheless, poured the sea, put the parts of the hull in a bottle and ... In general, as of sundays evening, everything looked like this -


I'm going to tell about the process of moving the model into the bottle a little later.

Best Regards!

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Many thanks for yours feedback!
So I cleaned and cleaned the bottle again. Then I determined the volume of the future sea.  I also finally fixed some parts of the rigging and cut off their free ends.  In general, I carried out a final check of all elements of the model before the process of filling up.  And finally, I disassembled the model into parts, at the same time drawing up an assembly diagram and marking the threads.







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