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Found 11 results

  1. Hey shipmates! Here is my next story about building one more of my mini SIBs. In this time this will famous schooner AMERICA.
  2. Hi everyones! Some time ago I bought a new material for the making of the sea for one of my current projects. I've never used this silicon, so I decided to first try it with some simple project.So, more two years ago, I made this hull for yacht, but at that time I was not satisfied with the result, so that the hull was lying in the drawer of my desk all the time. Now I have decided to slightly improve this hull and use it for this project.
  3. Hi to all!One more of my small and short projects. You can read the story of this boat HERE So, first, I made the basis of the boat's hull.
  4. Hi, shipmates! I want to offer you a story about one of my other projects. But ... I'll start my story from the very beginning In summer 2015 I promised my wife to make for her a ship in a bottle larger sizes than previously made. For to fulfill a promise - I choiced the model of the steam schooner with the glorious history and the symbolic name "LENA". History: The wind power meets the power of steam in late 1800’s . In this period of maritime history, a hybrid generation of ships appeared combining these two. They kept the glory of sail ships and added independency from wind. Lena is a little steam schooner like that. She was launched in 1875 in Sweden by Motala. She was 26.8m long, 4.95m wide and 2.59m deep. While sailing by wind, the funnel tilts back so that the sail boom can move freely. She has an interesting story beginning with Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld’s polar expedition. She joined the expedition as an auxiliary ship up to a point. She took part in Russian revolutions. She was reconstructed several times. Once in 1938. She was extended two meters in length, a new boiler was installed and living quarters were rebuilt. In 1959, she was planned to be reserved as a historical vessel. But the attempts failed in 1967, the damage she suffered was beyond repair. But the model ship builders will help her to live forever. - by Captain from Free Ship Plans P.S. The name of my wife is Lena also
  5. Hi everyones! As I promised earlier, I'm starting the story about one more of my projects. But at first, we come back at some time ago. Several years ago I have built the boat in the 72 scale while staying on vacation. By the way, it is very convenient - you have the small kit, minimum of tools and you not lose your time on vacation. This boat was on the shelf of my bookcase since. More then year ago I had got the empty bottle of Japanese whiskey with a fairly wide neck (25 mm). And this boat could be put throuth the throat of this bottle. But I could nothing were occurred to anything but banal theme: rearmament boat rigging and sails, and the replacing it all in a bottle. In general, anything interesting either in technical or in artistic terms And I continued to explore possible options for upgrade the boat…
  6. Hello to all!Two weeks ago I started another small project in a bottle. This time it is a model of the pilot cutter Jolie Brise. This boat I like for a long time and now, finally, I "matured" for its construction. More or less suitable drawings of this boat, I never found. Found only the theoretical drawing of the hull and the general scheme of the sails. Also I found in the network a number of photos.Well, and a suitable bottle was found.A little of the history about Jolie Brise - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolie_Brise
  7. First a bit of History... 1891 'Norsk Selskab til Skibbrudnes Redning, NSSR ("The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue") was founded. A year later Colin Archer built the first rescue cutter.The result was a double-ender with a continuous deck. The length was 13.95 metres, beam 4.65 metres and draught 2.25 metres. Mainsail, mizzen, staysail, jib and a topsail made a total of 110 sq.metres. This prototype cost NOK 10.900,43, including beer for the workers. At the launch in late July 1893 the ship was called after its designer, Colin Archer. 'RS1 Colin Archer' proved convincingly during her first season and became the prototype for every rescue cutter built in Norway over the next 30 years. After 40 years of loyal service, the prototype was sold. The ship had an impressive record: She had saved 67 ships, 236 people as well as assisting 1522 vessels carrying some 4500 crew. In 1961 'RS1 Colin Archer' was found in America in a terrible condition after many years in private hands.She was brought back to Norway, and became a scout's boat for some years, but was finally acquired in 1972 by the Norwegian Maritime Museum. 1973 the museum concluded a long-term agreement with the Seilskøyteklubben Colin Archer (SSCA). Knut and Gunn von Trepka took over the day-to-day responsibility, and have devoted very much time to operating her as a living museum. The hull of 'RS1 Colin Archer' was comprehensively overhauled in 1977 and the interior was refurbished and restored to its original colours in 1993 with financial support from the Norwegian off-shore company Kværner. 'RS1 Colin Archer' ended Winner over All in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race in 1983, leaving 74 ships behind. Also designed by Archer, the 'RS10 Christiania' ended second, and the Stephansen/Archer design 'RS5 Liv' came third. That this was no coincidence was proved in the next race in 1987, when the 'RS1 Colin Archer' again ended Winner over All and 'RS10 Christiania' was second best again. In 1993 'RS1 Colin Archer' ended Winner over All for the third time, and also took home the highest price of the Cutty Sark Tall ships' Races, The Cutty Sark Trophy. Knut von Trepka (born 1940) is still in business as captain of the vessel. In 2011 his son Christian von Trepka (born 1967) and former crew Tor Erling Gransaether (born 1966) was also appointed skippers by the owner, the Norwegian Maritime Museum. In the Easter 2013, "RS1 Colin Archer" caught a severe fire, but fortunately not more than a matter of rebuilding. After 12 months of repair and restauration at Maritime Center Fredrikstad AS, the boat was under sail again in the summer of 2014. As a true comeback after the fire, RS1 Colin Archer participated in the 4-days Tall Ships Race regatta from Harling, The Netherlands to Fredrikstad, Norway, winning both her class and the "Over All"-trophy, with more than 2 hours margine to the second. Keeping 'RS1 Colin Archer' in the water preserves for future generations not only the ship, but also the knowledge of how to sail her. This info from http://www.colinarcher.no/
  8. Hi to all! Another of my small projects. Once I have seen the photo of the model boat, which was interesting me. I have wrote to the author of the model and he told me that this boat is a typical for Sardinia the southern Mediterranean area Andalucia. So, I decided to build the model of this boats in a bottle.
  9. Hi to all shipmates! Let me to tell you about one more of my mini-projects. Approximately one and a half years ago, I got another interesting little perfume's bottle.
  10. This model was built during March-May 2015, but until now it is one of my favorites, so I decided to describe here the process of its building, all the more so from this model began my interest for minimalism. A bit of history: April 24, 1895 retired Captain Joshua Slocum went to circumnavigate the globe on a yacht "Spray» from Boston. After more than three years on 27 June 1898, he returned to Newport (Rhode Island), going around the globe, having more than 46 thousand miles (74 thousand km) in a single voyage. In 1900, Slocum described this journey in his book "Sailing Alone around the World "
  11. Hi everyone! I think some of the members of our forum have seen the process of building this model on FB or forum MSW. But perhaps someone will be interesting to see this process here too. So, some time ago my friends gave me the empty perfume flacon with a quite unusual shape. Form of this bottle interested for me, and it also dictated the choice of the future of content - a collective image of the J-class yachts. The yacht Endeavour was taken as prototype.
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