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I figure this boat is sort of a miniature so I'll post it here. This has been my latest project. While not a my ussual ship in bottle builds this has been a lot of fun. 

On a Facebook group I saw some one post a pond yacht. Ive been eyeing pond yachts for some time and mentioned it. He told me the best way to get in is find an old Star yacht amd restore it. So I went on EBay and found one for arround $20.  This is what I got. 


Over all she was in decent shape. Just needed a new set of sails. He provided a site for Star Yachts that had the original measurements. So for about $4 I made a new set of sails.



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I then gave the little boat a shot. She did pretty good. The pond had a bit of a current and I found the little sails weren't quiet enough to over come it. The pond also sits down in kind of a bowl so the wind is scarce and being,over a mile above sea level the air is pretty thin. I needed a new set of sails.



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Used to have one of these when a lad. You have to wet the sails to make them flexible, and then give them enough slack on the lines to catch the wind. A reel of thin fishing line must be carried in the pocket. When becalmed, get a friend to hold one end (or tie to a tree or something, walk round to the other side of the pond unreeling the line until the yacht can be 'lassoed' and returned to shore. Lots of fun.


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On 8/29/2020 at 11:08 AM, Will said:

Great! I want to try this. I worry that the yacht would get stuck in the middle of the pond if the wind drops... how would you retrieve it (apart from swimming)?

I actually attach a 6lb fishing line.  I got those cheapo fishing rods that fold down so they look like pens.  Then I can carry everything in pretty easy.  It sails out and when I decide I need to change tack I give the line a pull.  When I'm done I real the whole thing back in. 

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