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  1. Really helpful, Onni! So gluing to gaff only is another option. I'll have a think about which suits me better. I plan to get that book, too!!
  2. This was really helpful! Thank you! I wonder how I'd missed the idea of detaching the mainsail. I'm wondering how to keep it securely attached after cutting the lines once it's in place inside the bottle. Looks like I'll be making a new set of masts and spurs, but no matter. This is my first attempt so there are bound to be times where I have to start things over. I'll look into puzzle glue too!
  3. Update on my little Bluenose project, and a request for advice. After the fiasco with the carving knife, I splashed out and got a nicer pin vise and set of micro drill bits. I'm really glad I did! They are making all the difference. After making the masts, spars, and so on by sanding down bamboo skewers in a hand drill, I added the bowsprit by drilling a hole directly into the bow and sticking it in. Here are all the bamboo bits on top of the diagram. At this point, it looked good to go! Then I painted everything. I didn't go and buy fancy model paints but used some acrylic paint that was kicking around the house. I followed photos I have found of Bluenose II because all the original Bluenose photos are of course black and white. For the waterline I stuck a line of nymo (fine beading thread) between the black and brown sections of the hull. Added the masts with the "hinge" method. Everything seemed to collapse fine: I added the shrouds but it was hard to get them taught. They're kind of loose even when the masts are fully upright. Any thoughts on this?? Having added some of the rigging I decided to get going with the sails and this is where I'm running into trouble! So, I've glued the mainsail onto the boom, and already the mast no longer wants to collapse easily. In order for the hinge to work, part of the boom has to go under the hoop of metal that's keeping the mast on the hull. Now the sail is attached, there's nowhere for the sail to fit under the hinge. Also, when I glued (on a previous attempt!) the sail to the gaff and boom, the sail stopped the mast from collapsing entirely because it would need to contort itself into an impossible shape. When the boat is collapsed the gaff goes way off the stern, and the boom stays more or less in the same place, but the paper can't really move like that. I'm not doing a great job explaining but I hope someone will know what I mean. This is where I ask for any advice! Do I wait and glue the sail to the gaff once inside the bottle (this seems tricky) or is there another solution that I don't know of? Thanks so much!! Final question: what's the best glue for gluing paper to the mast? I ended up using both Elmer's (PVA) and Krazy (CA) glue but it seems not ideal as the paper got somewhat translucent at the bottom where it soaked up the glue. Thanks! More soon, I hope!!
  4. Gunwales added! With a bit more sanding, I got out some of the dings and blemishes. I found some nice micro-lumber from a paint stirrer stick left over from home renovation. I found it was not too difficult to cut a long thin strip with an xacto knife and a metal ruler. I followed DSiemens suggestion to soak the wood (I enjoyed reading the Bermuda Sloop instructional guide). Then I stuck it on the hull with Elmer's glue. That turned out to be a bit messy, and I had to spend a while sanding off the residue glue after it dried. But so far, so good!
  5. Great! I want to try this. I worry that the yacht would get stuck in the middle of the pond if the wind drops... how would you retrieve it (apart from swimming)?
  6. Will

    Hello from CT

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!
  7. Very excited to contribute to this friendly and knowledgeable forum. I'm a complete newbie in so many ways, but excited to learn and have a go. I chose the Bluenose because (a) I think it's really a beautiful boat, (b) seemed like a reasonable challenge level for a first SiB, and (c) I really like the story behind the Fisherman's Cup. I'll definitely be getting a Canadian coin to finish off the bottle. Here's the bottle. I got two identical "Hand-blown made in Italy bottles" from eBay for $9 + shipping. Opening is 3/4" which seems good. With pen for scale. This post concerns my first attempt at the hull. I'd never carved anything before and used to hate woodwork at school because I usually made a horrible job and cut myself. Now I'm adopting a growth mindset and not letting my past fears overwhelm me. I didn't have too many tools at home so I had to buy a few things. Firstly, a carving knife. I got a real dud, it turns out. Carving knife from Michael's (own brand "Artminds"). It was a pain to use, and I should have read the reviews before buying. Nevertheless I made it work for now. I don't own a vice so I used a clamp on my desk: I printed out the plans, which I had scaled on Photoshop. I added a 2" marker to check that the printed plans really were the scale I wanted. Overall it wasn't too difficult. I needed to use a coping saw first to cut the block down to size. It seems a scroll saw would be even better but I don't have one. I found that the clamp made a really nice handle when the ship got too small to carve easily. Here's the carved hull. At least, my first attempt! It has some small inconsistencies but I guess they won't be as obvious when it's painted. I'll be partially submerging it in the clay sea so we won't see the lowest few mm. Thanks all for the welcome, and for the treasure-trove of information.
  8. Will

    Hello from CT

    Hi everyone! Hi from Connecticut. I was thrilled to find this forum. I'm just getting started and have very little experience. I admire the nautical world, but have very little knowledge. Mystic Seaport is a fine museum close to here and an inspiration for me. I'm planning as a first SiB project to do a Bluenose (or similar) schooner. I imagine some of you have already built this model. I have read through the Jack Needham book and am excited to get started. I don't have any specific questions but I'm sure I'll be reaching out for advice at some point. Thanks! Will
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