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Trial and error with sails today. I first printed some with seams, telltales, reef lines etc., then sized it accordingly. Then I thought, well it's only printed on one side so I printed another set cut them out and glued together. The print lines were too dark for me, so I tried painting the sails white and weathered looking but in the end I thought it looked terrible so... I took them off and started over. I am happier with the refit. I still need to shave down the anchors a bit and clean up the hull, touch up some paint etc. but she's slowly getting there.






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Made and raised the Union flag and The English Cross of St. George. Trimmed the anchors a bit, pulled 'em up to the catheads and hooked up the "chains" from the hawse holes. Touched up the 2 cannons, made a new capstan. Planning on sprit sail, stern lantern and control lines to chain wales soon. 



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Hi. Donald,

Nice work. Its looking very good. Going back to your comment on photography, unfortunately, macro photography will show up everything. If you think about it, a few thou out at our scales is a reasonably large proportion of the 'bit', while if it was at, say, 100 to 1 like some of the large kits are, it would never be noticed.

Nice to see you got the Union Flag historically correct and named correctly as well.

Looking forward to seeing it in the bottle.


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To say this has been an exercise in patience, would be a gross understatement. I got 'er in the bottle without "major" disaster but there were quite a few things that went wrong. The post on the stern broke off(in the bottle), that was an absolute bear to try to glue back on for the rigging to loop on. My control lines all broke, ( foolishly used thread I had not tried before) I got glue in the peg holes, ...before the pegs got in there, I still have a bit of glue residue inside the bottle that I think I will be able to clean alright. My stern lantern wouldn't fit through the neck so I had to build a swivel for it. All in all I am happy it is in there O.K. but I feel like it could be done far, far better. I suppose experience is how one gets to that point.

I will be getting after this bottle stand in the next few days. Happily the stand will be far less nerve wracking than the puzzle that ship  has been so far.



























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