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  1. Bluenoser; thank you for this great build! Very helpful for new recruits like me...Moab
  2. Donald; I picked up a used copy and it's an excellent reference book. Thanx for posting...Moab
  3. Moab


    Congratulations on a beautiful build and ship. When I look at the detail I often forget about the difficulty of building at this scale. It’s a beauty...Moab
  4. Even though the broaches (mentioned above By Alan) violate the “Moma Bear Treaty” I highly recommend them. We call them “Reamers” in the U.S. and they have been very valuable in my modeling. For example reaming out a drilled hole that is “slightly” too tight is easy and fast...Moab
  5. Thank you Chief (Officer). Do you know what the material is? The reason I ask is because when I see options on line they often use materials I’ve never heard of. Thanks again...Moab
  6. ...is best for these ships (e.g. size, material)? Also when do you use wire as opposed to line and what gauge? Thanx...Moab
  7. I'm a newbe at this scale. Your build is really helpful. Great photos, etc...Moab
  8. Thanx to all. Great feedback. I just learned the clove hitch and combined that with the idea of using “lots” of line. Also I don’t know how I survived (I’m 77) without google and YouTube. Thanx again...Moab
  9. I'm new to SIB but have several years experience in larger (e.g. 1:48) builds. The problem I'm having is tieing very small knots. Are there any videos, etc., that might help me improve my knot tieing process? I imagine that knot tieing has forced many potential small scale builders to quit the adventure. Any thoughts, etc. are appreciated. STAY SAFE...Moab
  10. Moab


    I'm new to the site and this may be inappropriate but........can you initially offer beautiful models like yours to forum members? I know I would get in line to purchase one and pay the postage. I know that 99.9999% of we builders don't build to get rich but it seems like a crime to net $60 +- for your efforts. Stay Safe...Moab
  11. Moab

    SS Great Britain

    Onni; thank you for the information. Stay safe...Moab
  12. Moab

    SS Great Britain

    I'm new to this site and am overwhelmed with the incredible craftsmanship. Your ship is incredible!!! Please escuse me if these questions aren very basic. What did you use for sails? What do you use for crearting the ocean?...Moab
  13. Your rigging is spectacular...Moab
  14. Adrew; very nice collection. I especially like the Santa Clara. Do you know where I get blueprints for her... Moab
  15. Thank you for posting this excellent build log. I've go this kit in the box...just waiting to finish a few other projects. Thanx again...Moab
  16. I’ve always had an interest in ships in bottles but never built one. I’m going to try one after I finish my “Armed Launch.” ...Moab
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