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What else do you model besides SIBs?


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This is a tread dedicated to sharing your other builds that wouldn't normally have a place here on Bottled Ship Builder. Please keep it brief this is not a place for build logs but instead to show off your other projects.


My main passion is building wooden sailing ships but I do dabble in a little of everything.


This is my main project the (fictitious) topsail shcooner Byzantium.



 And here is a paper model I made of a WWI torpedo boat.


A model I am building of the sloop Mediator.


My HMS Triton cross section.


Also my interest extend beyond ships, here is a MT TUG Supper Jeep I made from two Jeep kits.


And the skeleton of a Basset hound that I am re articulating.








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I don't do much else in the way of modeling but I do have another hobby.




I have a friend who is having me build five AR configuration rifles for him. Years ago, I teased him hard for not being able to hit the broad side of a barn (I set 14 National Records in competition some years ago of which two still stand) and now that he's getting old and losing his vision, I ride him for not being able to even see the barn. But I'll build, test fire and sight them in for him - and all on his dime. Lucky me.



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I build miniature model ships, sail and steam in display cases.     I really don't have the patience to try and get them in bottles.   I have in the past, but I cut the bottoms off the bottles, put the models in and glued the bottom back, disguising the join with fancy ropework! :(

I am also building a log cabin (Alaska 1898)    A front view shows the cabin in deep snow.   The back is open, showing the cosy interior with a flickering pot-belly stove and an oil lamp on the table (both lit with light-emitting diodes).






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Nice work Bob.  


I model a few static ships on occasion.  This one is in for a repair.




I also do a little rubber powered airplanes.




I have been asked to create some miniature furniture in 1/6 scale.  I am still considering if I will do this or not.

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As of late I have been helping my youngest son build a 1973 Chevy Nova SS. This is a 1 to 1 scale LOL.

We just got the frame completely stripped and repainted. Front suspension completely rebuilt. Engine and transmission went in last Saturday. This Saturday I have to work on the wiring harness. Distributer is in and timed, and ... my Son Shaun has been working on repainting and restoring the interior including the dash etc. I have done zero ship modeling however will catch up a bit this weeking on Sunday after we celebrate Father's Day!

BTW Happy Father's Day to all who read this ... Jeff





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Nothing has happened regarding modelling however going hard on the SS Nova. The front end is backtogether, just working on installing the; grill, headlights, bumper etc. The interior will be last however dash and steering column are in. We are now on to the last major task and grunt work:

  • Pull the differential/axle complete with leaf springs out
  • Finish de-rusting the underside of the rear body section and paint (front half is completred)
  • Pull apart the axle and check the gears, bearings, rear brakes, drums, seals... etc.
  • Paint everything up
  • We have a brand new fuel tank to install :)
  • Fix up some wiring harnesses at the back
  • Fix some rust spots (trunk pan)
  • Sorry Bob... nothing got done on the Preussen this weekend  :mellow:  ... Jeff








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