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    Miniature shipmodelling, vintage radio construction, writing,maritime history (Merchant Navy).

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  1. I believe this is the reason. It was posted a few days before Dave disappeared - I am not judging either party - just giving a possible explanation - the loss of the build log was very disappointing though! Click on "Greetings" below to read the whole post!
  2. This build has not been updated since July 18th, 2016 - six years ago, so who knows the reason?
  3. Hi Gwyl - Very little interest in Baron Vernon here, but it has been a huge success on my Facebook group. I see you have just joined - welcome - hope you enjoy it. Extremely active, but limited to merchant ships only! Bob
  4. Thanks Andrew - I think this type of model shipbuilding has just about had its day - They are rather too small to be of much interest to the general public - Very rarely get more than a casual glance if I show them anywhere, but ship model collectors love them. Ships in bottles far too difficult for me though - insufficient patience! Robert
  5. 1,000 views at last, and only 7 likes - not exactly a great success in the popularity stakes! 😀
  6. Thanks - I am not of a suitable temprement to build SIBS - Too much in the way if accuracy has got to be sacrificed to get them in the bottle. And certainly not enough is going on here to hold my attention. Also, I lack patience and like to get things done quickly.
  7. Thanks - Nowhere near that amount of time - I have very little patience. Gorsefiield - 60 hours Melbourne Star - ? Preussen - 117 hours Primrose Hill - 66 hours Braemar Castle - 69 hours Miss Morris - 37 hours I can't find the records for Melbourne Star! Each build spread over a few weeks. Completely scratchbuilt. At the local ship model society, they hardly get a casual glance,. so I stopped taking them. Just take a photograph these days. Probably because they are not warships. Collectors cannot get enough of them, but I do not take private commissions. I just build what I feel like. I time the builds on a stopwatch, and if I stop for any reason, I stop the watch, so the times are accurate.
  8. With ship modelling, we are not stuck in any age though. We can build whatever we want. I personally find warships rather boring, as one battle is pretty much the same as another. Merchant ships come in all shapes, colours and sizes from a few tons to more than quarter of a million tons, and life board always held variety, adventure and drama. My facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1841532386133008/members Has 4,699 members and is very active with all sorts of merchant ship models being displayed on a regular basis. I do look in in here quite often, but next to nothing seems to be happening. I know a lot of modellers find the merchant navy boring, but the group seems to be attracting enthusiasts from all over the world - All these models by myself -
  9. Virtually nothing has been happening here for months - I guess I am just too impatient for my own good!☹️
  10. I got a ship in a bottle from my sister-in-law for Christmas. Commercially made, and quite small. Fairly attractive, but very basic. Not something I would ever attempt myself. Too much in the way of detail and accuracy has to be sacrificed to put a ship in a bottle - hence my regular absence from this site. Even my cased miniatures rarely get a casual glance if I exhibit them anywhere these days - I guess the modern generation has moved beyond ship models (or "boats" as they seem to prefer calling them🙄 Even here, on a specialized forum, not a great deal seems to be going on. Anyway - Merry Christmas to you all!
  11. Gorsefield - Removed for lack of interest -
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