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Bottled Ship Builder

What else do you model besides SIBs?


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Well another season of car building comes to an end. We got the front end on and together. All the electrical is done and hooked up. We got the rear of the car painted and undercoated. There were a few rust spots on the trunk pan so my son sealed them up with some screening and putty. We scored a positrac rearend from a Camaro. Gear ratio is 4:56 so she should have some get up and go! I busted the differential apart and I need to replace the spider gears ... everything else in the diff is good* We will have to cut off the spring mounts and move them as the Camaro had a different spacing. My son purchased new bushings and a set of leaf springs for the rear. He also bought a new fuel tank as the old one was toast! He is back in school for his last year of university so that's it for wrenching in 2015. :)


So now comes the man cave and this weekend I can get back to modelling ships. Work has slowed down enough so I don't need to work overtime Yeeeah! Here are two pics ... Jeff




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Ships outside bottles of course :D .


Here is my latest. A (almost) fully scratch-built model of HMS Vulture, 1776, currently residing in the Maritime Museum in Port Macquarie NSW Australia.


This model took me exactly 4 years to build. The only parts I didn't scratch-build myself were the excellently cast gun barrels from Alex Baranov in Russia, and the rigging line which I bought from Syren Ship Models USA.


One side of the model is open to show the framing detail. The model is completely detailed below decks, down to all the locks and hinges on the cabin doors.















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Dan,  I am amazed at the level and amount of perfect detail on this model.  I have built many larger models but never a scratch built model. (other than ships in bottles). Your wood choices are working together in a most elegant way.  It looks like Swiss Pear and Box Wood?  What woods did you use for this build?



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Thanks very much Gwyl. It was my first fully framed model.


You picked them both - Castello Boxwood and Swiss Pear from HobbyMill before they closed.


I also used some Holly for the Cutter planking and the louvres for the Well and Sail Room, Australian Cherry Ballart for some of the railings and European Box for smaller details and blocks, deadeyes etc.


Here's a pic of the stern lantern made from English Box :



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Is she one of the Swan class sloops?



Yes she is Alex, built using "The Fully Framed Model" series of books by David Antscherl. As far as I'm aware no-one else has built a Vulture, although there are quite a few of her Sister ships under construction.


I think I'm the first to build a fully rigged Swan so far :) .

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Hi all,


With Christmas coming up I thought I'd make a couple of gifts for my other young Grandson, and also my partner's Grandson. Both are into motorbikes, even at their tender ages (6 and 4 years old).


My Grandson is getting a REAL motorbike for Chrissy - a Yamaha PeeWee 50 - so I've made his as a close replica. The other boy's father has a Suzuki, so I've painted his in Suzuki livery.


I made the seat/tank assembly and the mudguards from Swiss Pear and turned the wheels from Boxwood. The rear swingarm is also Boxwood. The front forks and handlebars were made from brass wire.


The pics should speak for themselves as far as construction was concerned.






















more in next post .......

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A lot of cool hobbies here in this thread. After we had a baby almost two years ago my wife and I realized we settled into a routine wherein neither of us had many hobbies. She started sewing her own clothes (she's really good) and I started SIB--really because I didn't have much else.


Before the baby it was homebrewing beer and playing video games. I quit drinking when my wife was pregnant and then read a whole bunch. I'm really glad I've found SIB because it's turned out to be exactly what I needed.


Edit: And Dan, that's really cool. My buddy just opened up a cycling shop here in town and I've been toying with building him a bicycle in a bottle he can display at his shop. I think you just cemented that plan in place for me. Really cool!

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Well the push is on to get the Nova up and running. We got the positrac-differential tore down and rebuilt. We only changed what was needed -  all seals and one spider gear. Unit is back together complete with brakes, drums, etc. ready to install. We had to rebuild the original fuel sending unit as my son didn't want to spend an arm and a leg ordering one from the USA. We found one similar at an auto-wrecker for $17. I just swapped the rheostat over to the old one and we're good to go. This weekend coming up its as follows:

  • Put the fuel tank in
  • Hang the new leaf springs and mount the differential
  • Hook up all the brake lines, emergency brake cables, electrical, shackles, etc.

I am looking forward to the summer to complete this en devour so I can get back on the Preussen project ... Jeff




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My desk has been tied up with an "out of the bottle" experience, my 4th and presumably my last, model of Flying Cloud.  At 1/24" = 1', the idea was to get the same quality of detail as you'd see on a typical 1/8" = 1' model of a clipper in about 1/3 of the space.  As with anything, some things worked out all right, others could have been better.  But it's good to have her done and in her case, and to get on my usual sort of work




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