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  1. Lord Nelson


    Very nice, reminds me of my first build from Don Hubbards book. I like DeMarcos book also and have done some of them.
  2. SIB's Iv'e made. I have done scratch builds and kit builds. The kits are wood, plastic, or paper
  3. While mostly wood you will see a paper ship and some plastic ships that were not SIB kits
  4. The bottle came with the kit
  5. OK this is not a model but I spent a lot of time building it
  6. All kinds of plastic, resin(C3PO), wood (Cutty Sark), paper (RcD2)
  7. It's a 5 inch diameter light bulb, just like the one I used for the Golden Hind except I didn't use the bottom metal socket. Instead I took a piece of 2x4 and drilled a hole in it to be the base.
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