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Bottled Ship Builder

1st miniature sib

James w rogers

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5 hours ago, DSiemens said:

I saw in another post someone had trouble with the synthetic paint brush bristles.  I use ones that are made from hair. Probably horse hair.  They already have a tan sort of color.  experiment with different ones and see what happens. 

Yes I see that, I tried a couple of synthetic ones as an experiment, and find they also kink when bending too much and dont straighten back out! Will definatley try some hair ones another time as I've already made the yards out of thinned down cocktail sticks. I'm also going to try some broom bristles as they are also a good size. 😁 

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So the crew decided that the shrouds looked a bit bare and insisted that I install the ratlines after all, so after a lot of faffing about (and a bit of blue language) I decided to have a go. They are tediously small so I come up with a plan that seems to be working really well! So far, hopefully 😂




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2 hours ago, exwafoo said:

Nice work James, I've got a couple of these small Kraken bottles so following with interest.



There nice, but the neck is slightly narrowed as it Goes in and they all seem to have a thicker middle inside which is causing a few problems as that is where the main mast is going to be. Even the big bottles have it. You can see it in the picture, it's not too bad though. 😁 


This is how I speed up drying times, it's a very small aquarium air pump, and it also helps  stop condensation! DSC_0180.thumb.JPG.5313668bfab94c012aed074fa4da2236.JPG

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