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Bottled Ship Builder

Jeff bs build #3.

Jeff B

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11/25. I got the rear side rails on. The bulwarks. Got the the Captains quarters deck house on. Scale was was way off. Took twice as long, bc I wasn't happy and did these steps twice! 

I imagine we've all been there?! 

Sliced my thumb with the xacto. Gonna take a couple weeks off while I let it heal and think about cannons and anchor windlass, anchors, and a deck box. 


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Went from a ship in a bottle to be a SHIPWRECK in a bottle. 

Tried the parchment paper over the sea (clay) to keep it of of the sails in the event of a rollover. The paper wrapped up in the glue, the bowsprit snapped, by then the paper was hardened to the side of the ship, caught in the rigging. I had to remove the ship from the bottle, assess the damage and put her in dry dock, and remove blue sea and glue from the sides of the bottle where things got messy. 


I use a gel glue for final sea to ship glue in , scrapes away from the glass, if you can fashion a tool fast enough. 

No photos. Too upset.

Final photos after relaunch.



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On 1/27/2019 at 4:55 PM, Jeff B said:

Final product. I cut the port backstay trying to push down the stern into the sea, it was riding too high. I tossed the line over to the starboard side.(the not display side.)

i don't know if I'll ever go in and fix the line. I don't think I can.


I like it a lot. Very nice!

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