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Jeff B

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So I found this forum many moons ago. Signed up, didn't save it and lost track. Found it!!!!

Im on my 3rd SIB. The first 2 never made it out of the shipyard. They were "scrapped". The first 40 yrs ago. The second 30 yrs later. Those were kits. 

This one by golly... I'm gonna finish. Bob Browns "Simple Simon" 3 masted schooner from scratch. Only, it ain't so simple. I've only had to remake 2 mast, so I'm getting pretty good at drilling holes through toothpicks without blowing them apart. The mast are on, the side stays too. She's screwed to the work table. Painted her to look like "Atlantic,"

I'm halfway up Mt.Pocono. Retired 8 years ago to become a Stay at home Dad for an infant (that's work) and wound up Homeschooling. Schools out for summer. So it's relax week or 2

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Welcome Jeff. One way of preventing toothpicks from splitting is to place them in a jar of water overnight and then try drilling them. Another helpful way is to paint or varnish them first, they are less likely to split or break but I must admit that I am usually impatient and drill them straight from the box!

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On June 8, 2018 at 4:15 PM, Chasseur said:

Hey, Jeff welcome to the forum and you picked a nice time to return. BTW we will be starting up a club on the forum soon and offer 2 journals free of charge per annum starting in December of this year.

Jeff C.


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