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Bottled Ship Builder

Started build no.2

James w rogers

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My first big disaster! I decided to make the sea with acrylic decorators caulking, which went well, then I wrapped the Hull with cling film and lightly set it in to leave an impression for it to sit in when put in the bottle later.

A Big mistake! The cling film has reacted with the paint on the hull and it is truly stuck fast! Run a ground! Each time I try to take it out the paint is coming off.


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2 hours ago, CharlieB said:

What did you use to attach the spars to the masts?  Your build look great. looking forward to seeing it bottled.

Made small split pins, poked through hole in mast then  cut off excess wire and bend/wrap two halves round either side of mast.




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1 hour ago, CharlieB said:

Thanks for the reply to my question on attaching your spars.

My bad I forgot about the spar pictures! Basically I just make a small ring and then pinch it shut in the hole I drilled at 90deg through the mast, also have an angled cut end and it just sits against the mast. Bit fiddly but so far has worked really well.


32A64033-4D9E-4834-AB4F-C018211E9610.jpegStole the idea from the bath plug and chain!


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Forgot the difference between a yard and a spar!
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