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HMS Gannet

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Some of the armament that I may use; Nordenfelt machine guns on fo'c'sle,64pdr muzzle loaders on main deck and two Armstrong guns on the poop deck. A lot of the items I may or may not use as a full deck can look a bit cluttered . Added the hammock netting which is on the top of the bulwarks (indicated by the badly drawn arrow!)



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Thanks Chasseur.I have a fascination of ships in the transitional stage of sail to steam and I look forward to seeing more of HMS Wivern that is from that era. Made this model of HMS Inflexible in 2013.It's in a very narrow, slightly tinted antique bottle.

I chose to do a full hull model to do her justice. Quite happy how she turned out although the rigging could of been tighter.



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Spent some hours trying to fashion some decent looking railings with stanchions but the effort was totally wasted because they looked awful (Not even going to post a picture of them!) ? Bought instead some photo etched railings from the net which still took time to paint and fix but the end result is quite pleasing.?






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Progressed to the funnel area complete with air ventilators and boiler vents. Deck cannons in the mid gun ports.On the original ship these ran on rails making them easy to move and position for arc of fire. Only one muzzle loading gun at the front of the ship which used the same rail system so could be moved quickly from starboard to port gun position.Muzzle loaders had to be used in the early 1880's because of problems with the new armstrong breech loaders( a step backwards to the days of Nelson)

Wiggled the foremast in;next step is to glue that in place....





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Foremast in place and glued. In the first picture note the white loops at the top of the mast used to pull through the boom and jib ropes. (Not sure if those are the correct terms.) Picture two, here I  am trying to evenly tighten the back stays together. Capstan fixed in place and also the Arab Dhowl  sailing on the starboard side.Port side forecastle in but not glued yet because have to wait until both sides are in before I can fix them together.





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Starboard piece of the forecastle deck is joined to the port side.Try as I might I just could not get the completed deck to stay down tight against the bulwarks so had to resort to using a tiny amount of instant glue (super glue) to stop it popping up. Seems to have done the trick.Added Nordenfelt machine guns ,fully glazed hatches and navigation lights(the white objects which look like R2-D2?) Lightly glued in place the bowsprit but stepping back and looking at it objectively it just looked wrong ( too large) so still having time before the glue set I took it away and am in the process of building a smaller bowsprit which I hope will be more in keeping with the scale.




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Having discarded my original bowsprit, made a new smaller version with thin metal spar and dolphin striker.As previously; made three cotton loops ready in the bowsprit to pull through the forestay,jib stay etc..glued the stays with ordinary wood glue and allowed to dry before cutting them off underneath with a small bit of razor blade cemented to a thin wire.Always a bit shaky doing that as one false move can cut one of the bobstays by mistake which would be a bit of a disaster,however everything went well and I am quite pleased with the finished item.I had already made a larger turks head so it was just a question of fitting it to the bottle neck. Last two pictures show a late Victorian gunboat/sloop 'HMS Gannet 'at anchor in the evening setting sun.......







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