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HMS Gannet


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As HMS Gannet is mostly white ( a unforgiving colour for a model ship) I am using white  plastic (styrene) to skin the hull. Made up some paper templates to try for size and fit.Drilled out portholes,anchor hawse and gun ports and then glued to the hull. Hoping to just to have one split in the hull to fit through the bottle neck but its looking like I may have to split it in four pieces as the neck opening is only 29 mm wide.




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Had a visit to Chatham 2 years ago during the EASIB convention which was held there. Whilst booking tickets on line, I spotted that there were a couple of organised tours of 'Behind the Scenes', and was lucky enough to get a couple of places. We were taken around the model ship storerooms, where the models belonging to Maritime Museum Greenwich are stored.. There are some outstanding models from, old as the Ancient Egyptian tombs to early last century. Some of these can never be put on display to the public as the cases are works of art in their own right, but the glass does not meet modern safety standards and the cost of dismantling and replacing the glass is exorbitant. If you are doing research, you can however ask for a model to be brought forward to a back room for study. Takes a few weeks to organise. The Gannet, along with the other exhibits are well worth seeing. I have my 18 inches of rope I helped make in the rope walk (still a commercial concern) and will incorporate it into a stand one day.

Well worth a visit if you get a chance


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Using masking tape defined the width of the black stripe.Needs a touch up in places. I don't use thin sticky black tape which can be bought from a hobby store because I  have the feeling that it can peel off at a later date.The three litre 'Grants' whisky bottle that I hope its going in! Added some reddish oxide for the waterline and tentatively marked where I think the masts and funnel will go.When I am happy with their position I will then cut up the hull,in four pieces?





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She is coming together beautifully.  Wonderful work.

Many thanks. Still a long way to go yet. The larger the ship the more detail has to go into it. I will take it one step at a time . I have never made a ship in the bottle at this scale so this is new ground for me.
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After a short break I went ahead and cut up the hull in four pieces;not an easy thing to do as I always have in the back of my mind that it can go horribly wrong. This time slow and steady wins through and the result is satisfactory for me.Most difficult part I find is to align it up afterwards so that it fits back together how it was before the cutting. To achieve this I drilled small 2mm holes in the hull and then fashioned some small pointed metal pins to fit in the holes so that when I pushed the hull pieces together it marked the opposite side ;so that was the place for the joining pegs. 









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'Getting the Bird' (three to be precise) Not happy with the scale so reduced to a smaller size. Wife says that I am too fussy which is true. Made some furniture for the Captains cabin even it can be seen only through a tiny hatch or porthole but I know its there. Comprises of a table and chair (forgot to take a photo of the chair) chaise longue, stove and captains cot with wash basin and draws underneath. Painted some of the masts and spars etc using yellow ochre colour.I will clear coat them with a varnish spray when the paint dries. Next will be muzzle loading guns and other armament .






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