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  1. Thoroughly recommend Vallejo model colour acrylic. Dries so smoothly that you can paint lots of layers and lose very little detail....Dries quickly as well.
  2. Welcome to the group, Sashko! Nice selection of S.I.Bs !
  3. Are you sure he wasn't taking the Pee? All aboard HMS Urinia!
  4. Ingenious, Lord Nelson! Definitely going to experiment with this technique.
  5. Hi ARUP! Nice to see you here. Looking forward to future ships from you :-)
  6. Breathtaking, Bob! I'm going to absorb your website for info. I'd love to be able to get anywhere near that sort of quality!
  7. Sadly, I have no idea what wood I'm using at the moment. All I know is that most of it is from the arm rest of a Cafe chair, and the rest is from a wooden disposable knife from the same Cafe. In the past I've used a bit of Osage for Hulls. The masts are generally toothpicks, but I'm going to try medical swabs for the next ship.
  8. I might do that in my current build, Steve. I've done a few bottle ships with a small lighthouse put in the neck of the bottle, as a decorative touch, and one with a lighthouse on some rocks, at the back of the bottle. They're pretty easy to make, if you have a lathe, which I haven't. I seem to remember I used a ready made object, but I can't remember what it was! Maybe a Chess piece?
  9. I'm definitely going to see this film. Oddly enough, I've only read good reviews of it! And I must say to Bob, AWESOME looking ships! Amazing detail and presentation!
  10. Welcome, Steve! I hope you get lots of tips and info from this Forum :-)
  11. Hehehe! That reminds me, I must buy another thousand yards of Cotton. I can, at least, copy it's paintwork Joking aside, I think I'll make an attempt at doing some extra rigging. Some of the standing rigging would be relatively easy to do (I hope!).
  12. It's a 'Generic' four masted ship I haven't tried modelling particular vessels yet, but that will come, I'm sure. If I model a particular ship, it will have the advantage of photos and info which are reliable.
  13. Brilliant, Alan :-) I'd like to hear that Bill Horn close up. I've heard it from about 7 or 8 miles away, so close up it must be awesome!
  14. Oddly enough I'm building a four master like this at the moment. I can't guarantee it'll be anything as good as this one, but those photos will help me with some of the detail
  15. I don't blame you At least with a ship in a bottle you don't have to keep taking it in and out of the bottle......Usually!
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