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Hosting Transfer

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Just wanted to let the community know of some back end goings on. Our current website host is becoming more and more costly. In December we had a one day spike in website hits. Over a hundred people in one day. Our typical is around 30 which isn't a lot but we are pretty niche.  Any way that one day spike had them changing our monthly plan from $20 to $60 a month. It became readily apparent that if we want to keep growing this forum the current hosting service will not help us do that. 

I did some digging and found a new hosting service with great reviews and a cost of $12 a month. We get more space which means less restrictions one the photos you post and they allow way more visits to the site. $100,000 a month with the new plan.  They have told me we shouldn't have any changes to the forum. So everything will stay the same. I'm hopeful that is the case.  I really don't want to have a crash like Model Ship World had.  That said the transfer should happen in the next five days.  If the website is down in any of that period it is likely due to the transfer but fingers crossed we shouldn't have any interruptions.  I'll keep every one updated through the process.  

Once again thank you all for your support.   We have a great forum going and I plan on keeping this going for years to come. 



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Well good and bad news.  Good news is nothings changing. Bad news is the hosting site I found over promised and under delivered.  While the monthly fees would be lower they left out a major component. The forum software. They are unable to convert our forum from its current software to theirs.  If we did use them we would have to rebuild the forum from scratch under their software. I don't see that as a viable option. When all was said and done it was cheaper to leave things as is. So for now thats what I'll do. 

Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it and I'll keep looking for ways to stretch our dollars out so I can make the most out of your generous donations.  We'll keep this forum going a long time yet. 

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Hey Daniel,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop about the changes happening behind the scenes. It's great to see your dedication to the community and your efforts to ensure that our forum continues to grow smoothly.

It's unfortunate that the current website host's pricing took a significant jump due to that one-day spike in traffic. But I'm glad to hear that you've found an alternative hosting service with better pricing and more features. The fact that they offer more space, fewer restrictions on photos, and a significantly higher monthly visitor limit is really promising. It sounds like a move that will benefit the forum in the long run.

Change can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to migrating a website. However, your due diligence in selecting a hosting service with good reviews and your proactive approach to making sure there shouldn't be any changes to the forum during the transfer are both very reassuring. Let's hope for a smooth transition over the next few days. If there are any minor hiccups, I'm sure we'll all understand, given the circumstances.

Thanks for your hard work in keeping this forum alive and thriving. The community here is wonderful, and your commitment to maintaining it for years to come is truly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the forum continue to flourish under the new hosting service.

Best of luck with the transfer, and thanks again for the update!

Warm regards,

Eva Lyra

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