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USS South Carolina, 125’ to 1”

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After about a month of work, my 1/1500 scale, fully scratch-built USS South Carolina model is finished. The model is entirely built from scratch.

For more info, visit my website, www.josephlavender.com

The hull and turrets are made from boxwood, the balance of the details are mostly brass, but I did use some styrene, and the funnels are turned brass. The decks were planked with basswood, mast rigging was made from tungsten wire. The ship’s boats are made from boxwood, brass, and stainless steel sheet. 

The ship is painted using Stynylrez black primer with Vallejo acrylic for both the color coat and top matte coat.


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Ive always avoided the lattice mast ships since it reduces the rigging, and that’s my favorite part. USS SC had much less than most from the era. If you take a look at my HMS Dreadnought I tried to add everything I could, but on SC I was reaching to find more things to model on her masts. 

Im working on HMS Ramillies in her 1917 pink, yellow, and blue camouflage and she’s a rigging paradise!38BFE59F-BC67-4F16-8A23-A7290818D943.thumb.jpeg.6e7132a99326d9baafd2917df79836c4.jpegD260F33F-C310-4199-B681-791FB41ACB61.thumb.jpeg.0cc21905fa0e9488e569ef340676a282.jpegD40406FA-BE0C-43E9-AB70-16B3422F1D73.thumb.jpeg.22d054dc4723609f28f397b74aca35e6.jpeg

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