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  1. Greetings. I’d like to share my latest model, HMS Glatton as she appeared in the final hours of the war. The model is completely scratch built to 1/1500 scale or 125’ to 1”. The model is made from boxwood, brass, and the sea base is carved and painted wood. Paint is from ScaleColors of course. If you’d like to see more of my ships models they’re all on my website www.josephlavender.com I started this model a little before finishing Duilio, so total build time was about a month. Glatton, 5,746 tons displacement and her sister ship Gorgon were originally built for Norway but they wer
  2. It’s not too often I build a WWII era warship as most of them have been done to death, however, the heavy Italian units seem to get very little play. Duilio was an Andria Doria class battleship that was extensively rebuilt in the 1930s. So much so, it’s almost possible to consider them new builds, just recycling a large bit of the original ship. At the time this was done, it seemed like a cost-effective way to add 4 new battleships to the Regia Marina, but in the end they wound up being nearly as expensive as a new build anyway. The rebuilds weren’t terrible ships considering they were built t
  3. Greetings! Time to share some photos of the finished SMS Emden, 1/1500 scale. The model is completely built from scratch and depicts the ship as she appeared early on during her raiding cruise in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The hull is made from boxwood, the balance of the detail is brass, and the rigging is a mix of copper and Nitinol wire. The sea base is carved from Nootka Cyprus and painted. As usual no resins or anything there, just paint. The base for the case is made from olive. The scale is 1/1500 or 125’ to the inch. You can see more of my work in my gallery. www.josephlaven
  4. I’m always late to the party This is 43 AWG copper wire, anodized dark brown.
  5. Miniature ship models have always fascinated me, but it would be impossible and very limiting to place them inside a bottle. Although the glass case she’s in is semi permanently sealed.
  6. After 36 days of work, 672 individual scratch-built pieces, my 1/1500 scale model of the British super-dreadnought HMS Ramillies is finished. The model depicts the ship as she appeared working up in late 1917 with her Wilkinson Admiralty Disruptive Dazzle camouflage scheme. The model is made from boxwood and brass, with four grades of tungsten wire for the rigging. The sea base was made from carved basswood and painted. The ship was built entirely from scratch using scale drawings and photographs. If you’d like more information about how I build these ships, I have a website www.josephla
  7. Thanks! I certainly lighten my colors quite a bit for ships this small. The pink or mauve color is almost a pink tinted light grey. It’d be too garish if I’d used anything brighter.
  8. She’s grown by a deck level, and the parts count now stands at 393.
  9. That is the way of it huh? It’s nice that he was able to get the guy on the phone and put it to bed. It’s similar to a couple of other instances I’ve been involved with. A much less historically important one was deciphering what color “stone” was on the upperworks of British merchant ships. Was it a tan? Was it a grey? No one knew. Then I’ll be damned if I was watching a color documentary on old British ocean liners from the 40s and 50s, and in the background was one of the ships I’d been trying to decipher. The other one is the green Tirpitz camouflage. That’s a whole thing that no
  10. A little update. The gun turrets are finished. I’ve chosen to depict the guns in exercise, perhaps a dumb show drill since the railings are still up. I had to make an executive decision about the interior of the splinter shields and turret roofs in as far as the paint goes. I chose a medium grey since no references I can find describe what Wilkinson intended and what the paint crew actually did. So medium grey it is. The parts count stands at 236 individual pieces.
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