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SMS Viribus Unitis, 125’ to 1”

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After 17 days of work, 554 individual scratch-built pieces, my model of the Austro-Hungarian Dreadnought SMS Viribus Unitis Model is finished. The model depicts the ship as-built in her Montecucculin Green camouflage. The model is 9.5cm or 3.75” long. 

Using drawings of the ship that I scaled down, the hull and main turrets were made from maple, the hull being a sold piece. The deck was planked with laser cut basswood, the funnels from turned and machines brass, the bulk of the superstructure was made from styrene and brass. Masts, gun barrels, and torpedo net booms were also made from brass. The awning net supports, torpedo net rigging and mast rigging are all tungsten wire. Flags were hand painted on foil with oils and acrylics.

The paint consists of black poly-acrylic primer with green-blue from Vallejo. A very thin wash of grayish brown oil was applied to bring out some of the hull details. Everything was sealed with Vallejo matte lightly airbrushed. I chose a much lighter shade of green since the prototype color, Oliv Mittel, would have been far too dark on a ship this scale. I think the green-blue from Vallejo captured the essence of the Montecucculin camouflage.7E3D2C5B-52D9-4F62-95A9-D12ED4408A35.thumb.jpeg.284c4b2022a64fab207c53a8783f6c42.jpeg0281AA36-3BC1-4BB3-86CA-371D295CD406.thumb.jpeg.eb97a003bc319c9803b096fe9a0626c8.jpeg91992A10-1608-4E94-ADDA-3E9D3B1A5317.thumb.jpeg.b5e0a91fc7667dc5d1459947eb3a399b.jpegB5BFCE88-9F2C-48A1-AB81-9E7D716F4418.thumb.jpeg.65a5aad27cff5465c27e4758cda39fa9.jpegA5C9A731-89F1-41FC-AB01-7E3F90A6D84A.thumb.jpeg.bdad621fa16ccfa2d2a43878cc7aba43.jpeg


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