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Windstream-Locally Crafted film-ships in bottles

Jim Goodwin

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Last November I was approached to be guest artist for a Locally Crafted documentary short film.  This series, sponsored by Windstream Communications, focuses on artists & crafts people throughout the US.  The crew was making a December tour of North Carolina where they were filming about 5  people. 


Their filming process was quite different from my previous production experiences where the filming is done in one shot with 2-3 people.  This group came to my house with a ten person crew & a 20 ft. truck fully loaded .   Am talking home invasion here.  Had cleaned up the shop & house, yet they rearranged everything.   I'm still looking for a lost bag of kitty litter.  Tanning bed intensity lights were everywhere.    Part of the filming occurred at an Art Show hosted by Olde Mecklenburg Brewery in Charlotte. 


As with previous filming experiences, much footage was not used.  With the voice/interview, some items that I was stressing were left out...mainly:  Every artist has their own unique style & methods, and one really should not be compared to another.   We grow with each piece and learn from each other.  Also, SIB organizations were omitted...again, as were museums that have sib's in their collections.   Pardon for my dry voice...again the humor was left out.


The Locally Crafted series is pretty good, and they do interview unique artists.  The one on making carousel horses is very interesting.

They are 4-5 minutes long and can be found on You Tube.





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